SQL Manager (MSSQL) by nopStation

SQL Manager (MSSQL) by nopStation
This plugin allows to view/create SQL reports from admin panel.
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Supported versions: 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
Created: June 01,2021
Last updated: January 19,2023

nopCommerce provides basic reports in the admin panel. Beside this, sometimes we need more reports to analyze data. So the SQL Manager plugin will do this for you.  You can write a custom query and save it. After running the query you can show the report. The main feature of this plugin is you can export these reports to Excel. Another feature is you can write a query, run the query and view the result from this plugin.


  • MSSQL as this plugin only support MSSQL

Features :

  • Add SQL query/statements to generate report
  • Add parameters which can be used in the report.
  • Add ACL permission to manage report
  • Show report result in datatable
  • Export report result in Excel
  • Instant query no need to save report or parameters


This plugin only supports MSSQL