Sync plugin (

Sync plugin (
Import from XML (JSON or custom Data Source) to any existing nopCommerce data transfer object (DTO) and map fields!
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Supported versions: 3.90, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40
Created: December 08,2016
Last updated: September 30,2021

Easy to integrate into your nopCommerce

Minimal dependency on common 3rd. party libraries. This avoids very common problems that many nopCommerce extensions have (one breaks another because it overwrites a common library with an incompatible version). You'll not have this problem with Sync plugin.

Quickly and Easily Import Data

Importing XML(JSON or custom Data Source) to a nopCommerce table can be done in several easy steps. Select and map import Data Source headers to any nopCommerce fields, ensuring that the right information is quickly and accurately inserted in the right place. Sync plugin saves the column mapping rule and create import task to import future XML(JSON or custom Data Source).

Extensible and customizeble

This module provide multiple points of extensibility to allow fully customize indexing process. Possible user cases and solutions for them are listed below.
Adding new import scripts, shedule tasks, DataSources, Conversions and etc.
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Sync plugin expands your nop (nopCommerce) enabling a 100% integrated way to import/export data from wherever you want. It is a set of ImportDataSources/ExportConsumers providers which allows the integration of custom, external, and ERP/CRM based systems out of the box. For example: Microsoft Dynamic SL, 1C ERP, frigat ERP and etc.

Awesome features

  • The first and the best

    This is the first product of this category that was ever released. If you want to use this plugin for nop 3.8 please buy previous versions here.

    High speed

    Product & manufacture import (13016 items) - Produc Price & Discounts import (11849 items) - 1 sec.
    and etc

  • Dedicated support

    We will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours. It might take a bit longer, but we try hard not to keep you waiting longer than 48 hours.

    Extensible and customizeble

    You can build custom plugin that integrate with your Sync and nopCommerce by implementing a DataSources, Conversions and etc.

  • 5 free updates

    We are happy to release continuous long term updates. Current updated release is v2.2 Sync. Our updates do not stop there as many more new amazing features are surely coming soon in the next updates. You are eligible to free download of all future updates once you purchased Sync!

    Included in devcommerce package

    DevPartner package has 5 Core solutions (CMS, Search, Sync, Cloud and Unify template) withing some extensions including advance forum editor, advanced blog and news layouts, additional content features and so on.

Products specifications

  • User Interface 100% localizable: Yes
  • Convertions: Pictures, Downloads, RegExp, Translite...
  • Export orders/customers to any custom ERP/CRM system: Yes
  • DTOs to import different nopCommerce entities: 40+
  • Import DataSources: Xml, Json, Excel, Sql, and etc
  • Migrations scripts: 40+
  • Integration with Search plugin: Yes
  • Integration with CMS plugin: Yes
  • Test methods to see output regex and xPath pattern:Yes
  • Detailed Error Messages: Yes
  • nopCommerce Version: 3.8 and hire

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