Techem znaki: integration with SAP Business One

Techem znaki: integration with SAP Business One
Statistics #1
Several thousands published customer roles
Statistics #2
Several thousands published working prices
Statistics #3
Fully customized SAP Business One Integration


Techem znaki is a part of BP Techem S.A., a Polish company, which since 1990 provides specialized products and services to industrial companies. It has 8 departments: Compressed Air and Vacuum Systems, Seals, Abrasives, Oils and Lubricants, Occupational Safety Products Analytical Systems, Wiper Systems and Logistics and Warehousing. The company employs over 130 people and sells its products in over 20 countries.

nop4you had to create functional online store to meet few predefined requirements:

  • install nopCommerce with a customized theme meeting responsive web design standards
  • create a system where each customer would have its own customer role with its own, independent prices
  • create, configure, integrate, and customize SAP Business One to achieve Techem’s goals


The easiest thing was to create design as the customer had a clear vision what they wanted to get. While webmasters were working with the template, nop4you developers prepared test environment to create an integration with SAP Business One using the tailored plugin.

At some point, a problem with prices was encountered. Separate products and prices for each of more than a dozen thousand customer roles affected the store performance. It started to run slower, operations that were supposed to take fractions of seconds started to take too long. In this case, database optimization was a key solution. It was decided to change and optimize the queries and the keys, which made store working even better than at the beginning of the work.

Techem znaki: integration with SAP Business One


The customer received fully customized, personalized and tuned online store integrated with SAP Business One. Few thousands published customer roles and published working prices were created.
nop4you is still working with Techem’s online stores supporting nopCommerce and SAP Business One.

nop4you is a Poland based company that specializes in nopCommerce themes and plugins development and integration with ERP, such as Sap Business One.