The new nopCommerce website for the US major dental supplier

The new nopCommerce website for the US major dental supplier
Statistics #1
30% sales increase and 25% increase in new customer registrations
Statistics #2
Smooth integration with Microsoft Navision ERP
Statistics #3
Tier pricing and product customization feature

Quantumlabs is a major US dental supply company, focusing on offering full-line dental products and services and adding practice-building items at direct-from-manufacturer pricing. Quantumlabs turned to Citytech with the request to redesign the old website and improve store’s performance.


The main challenges of this project were: to integrate the website with Microsoft Navision ERP, to migrate all the data including product, inventory, customer and volume pricing data and to develop custom family pricing discount module using nopCommerce architecture.


The 3rd party ERP integration with Microsoft Navision enables Quantumlabs to track customer data, stock data, sales numbers, transactional data, etc. With synchronized data, the entire process of creating a purchase order to a sales order without any manual intervention.

Tier Pricing and Promotion Modules

To meet the customer requirements by leveraging the nopCommerce platform, Citytech has developed family pricing module. These modules streamline the customer registration process and aid the store in providing pricing tiers and promotions on products. The Tier Pricing feature ensures that the more quantity a customer purchases the lesser unit price they end up paying.

Since Quantumlabs wants to use prices based on promotions without coupon code, nopCommerce was modified to setup promotions without coupon codes:

  1. Price breaks for “Buy/Get” offers. For example, “buy 8 and get 2 Free” (of the same item category).
  2. Mixed quantity pricing with the ability to set quantity break pricing by using tier pricing module for specific items and item categories.
  3. Frequent buyer program where customers are given 1 free box of gloves for every 10 boxes ordered. These can include a variety of different items and also take into account past orders. Customer gets notice in the shopping cart with number of cases required to get the 11th free case.

Customization of Products

Custom Imprint - Some of the customer’s items (toothbrushes, floss, bags, etc.) can be imprinted with the dentist’s name for an additional charge. The Quantumlabs site captures (font style, type size, imprint color, placement area, option to upload a custom imprint image) the text on order entry and carry it over to the sales order. Every personalized item has a separate item number with the imprint charge built-in.

Configurable Kits - Customer offers kits to their clients that consist of multiple items adding up to a total of 288 units. Available kit items come in packs of 72 (toothbrushes, toothpaste), 144 (floss), or 288 (gift bags). A user can add any combination of kitted items that total 288 units. Therefore a page for the creation of kits was developed. On this page a user will add items in the order until the total units of 288 with validation of kit completeness and unit totals.


  1. The implementation of the project allowed to increase website performance both on desktop and mobile devices.
  2. The online store supports direct synchronization between nopCommerce and Microsoft Navision ERP
  3. Improved user interface and usability resulted in 30% sales increase in two months and 25% increase in new customer registrations

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