Three tools you need for a successful eCommerce company

Three tools you need for a successful eCommerce company

When it comes to having a powerful eCommerce business, one of the most important things you need is a good tool. There are tons of tools that you can utilize to help make your website run smoothly, and help you keep up with everything from the shopping that is being done to the services that your website provides. Remember that running an eCommerce website is a huge undertaking, and it takes in a lot of data from people all over the world. The right tools can make or break your business easily.

The Best Analytics and Data for Your Website

The first thing you should get is Google Analytics. Before you get anything also put on your website, this is a must-have tool. Google Analytics is not only free, but it also gives you a wide array of features. According to Jeff Waldroup, CTO of SolidEssay, you can analyze your traffic data with a remarkable amount of detail and it is practically essential for all major websites to have. This isn’t just for the start of your eCommerce business, but data makes your company, and most of the ways your changes, tests, and improvements will be determined are through the ways you collect data. There are few analytical services that are as good as this one.

Optimizing Your eCommerce Webpage

Outside of Analytics, there is also a great value in testing. Many testing tools will allow you to see how the market will respond to the way your website looks, the buttons that you use, etc. This gives you a chance to optimize the way your website looks and increases the conversion rate of the viewers of your website. Of course, Google Website Optimizer works wonders in this area as it tests everything on your market, while other testing services just try to match what your target market may be. The best thing about this optimizer is that you can actually set the percentage of the traffic you want to test so you can get strong results from a statistical standpoint. The service is widely used and highly recommended, just like their analytics tool.

The Best Tools in Search Engine Optimization

SEO Tools are probably some of the most numerous on the web, and there are several to choose from. Each tool has its strengths and advantages, but you will have to test them out to see. The point of these tools is to help you with your website and improve the rankings of your page in search engines. Some of the tools that you can choose from are Kissmetrics, Majestic, and MOZ, which have all been known as great tools for eCommerce businesses, and they can easily help you improve your page ranking. It is all a matter of checking them out and seeing which ones work for you.

Once you start your eCommerce website, there is a lot of competition out there, and the data you collect is important to make your website run better and convert more visitors. These tools are all designed to help make your website standout and increase your amount of traffic and conversion rate.


Author: Paul Bates is an eCommerce marketing consultant and a content writing manager at ConfidentWriters. He lives in Modesto, California and works with students and educators around the world.

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