Vichitra Collection: 30% increase in website conversion rate after migration from Shopify

Vichitra Collection: 30% increase in website conversion rate after migration from Shopify
Statistics #1
50% increase in customer session in the store
Statistics #2
30% growth in website conversion rate
Statistics #3
50,000+ monthly visits from organic search


Vichitra Collection is a company based in New Delhi, India and offering the best quality traditional textiles and arts outlet. The company has been running an online store made within the Shopify platform for the last 3 years and faced some critical issues during this time that didn’t allow moving forward with its business strategy. Their Shopify website had an outdated design that failed to deliver the brand message perfectly.

Also, the website was not mobile responsive while most of the customers were browsing their site using mobile devices. The existing site's URLs were badly optimized for search engines, as a result the website conversion from visitors to customers was very low.

To avoid the monthly fee, less customization options available in Shopify and high plugin charges, client decided to change existing eCommerce platform. The client was partly aware of nopCommerce platform through social channels, and after consulting with nopExtensions team they decided to opt for nopCommerce.

The new website should have modern and attractive website design, easy-to-navigate intuitive menu and search engine friendly page names.


The existing store should be redesigned and migrated to nopCommerce. Before starting the project, nopExtensions collected the full data about the visitors' preferences to get a complete overview of current website’s state.

First, nopExtensions migrated the database with Entity Framework and added missing fields into existing entities such as product, categories, order etc. based on project’s requirements. They also created unit-testing module for quick trace bugs and for better maintainability of application code.

After transition all the data and products to the new website, nopExtensions started the process of website redesign with home page customization like header, slider, footer, etc. They added an organized gallery to the home page with product images and a brief description of its content, clicking on which a visitor would be able to view every type of products offered.

organized gallery

To simplify the navigation on the website for customers and increase sales, nopExtensions built plugins “Deal of the Day”, “Product Image Zoom” & “Mega Menu”. Another important aim was to make the process of searching more convenient for customers, so the team added an “Advanced Search Filter” and integrated it with the main website. Thanks to built-in nopCommerce SEO features, all website page names became more search-engine friendly.

It was important for the client to attract and engage customers using social media channels. To solve this task, nopExtensions team placed WhatsApp widget on a visible place. By clicking on the widget customer goes into the WhatsApp chat and can talk with manager. NopExtensions also placed an embedded YouTube video on the main website page so that potential clients could see the process of textile manufacturing.

To provide customers with convenient shipping options, nopExtensions team connected the store with After Ship plugin.

With the new eCommerce platform, the client also became able to automate such tasks like order processing, email campaigns, discounts, gift cards, franchise/vendor registration, etc. which they had to do manually on the previous website.


All the development and customization were completed within 3 weeks. The final store fulfills all the client needs and the key business metrics continue to grow.

  • 50% increase customer session on the store
  • 12% increase in repeated customers monthly & 35% decrease bounce rate
  • 50,000+ monthly visits from organic search & 30% sales growth
  • 30-40% growth in website conversion rate after observation of 2 months

nopExtensions is a certified nopCommerce Solution partner providing effective solutions based on nopCommerce platform, Themes and Plugins. With having more than 6+ years of experience in nopCommerce technologies, they deliver the 100% satisfy results to the clients across the globe.