WeChat Manager 微信管理

WeChat Manager 微信管理
With this plugin, you can manage WeChat fans, tags, QR codes, real-time messages, materials, and more.通过这个插件,你可以将管理微信的粉丝,标签,二维码,实时消息,素材,等等
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Supported versions: 4.30, 4.40
Created: July 20,2020
Last updated: April 01,2021

With this extension, you can manage WeChat Offical Account fans, tags, QR codes, real-time messages, materials, and more.

Can help the WeChat Offical Account multi-account management at the same time, fan user management, add tags, customized push, retain the WeChat Offical Account data and enterprise multi-system integration of powerful, easy-to-use features.

WeChat Offical Account data is managed locally

  • WeChat Offical Account data is no longer lost, fans are concerned that the record of clearance behavior provides a basis for users to improve their decisions
  • Integrate with other enterprise systems (OA, CRM, aftermarket, etc.)

Fan management

  • Labeling fan users is classified and managed for precision marketing
  • Custom push messages for designated tag users, content that is more interesting to fans

Better interactive experience

  • Fan chat history is no longer subject to a 48-hour time limit and can be saved permanently
  • Support for background multi-user chat
  • Timely news reminder, no longer let fans anxiously wait

Labeled QR code

  • You can bulk generate self-labeled QR codes to analyze statistical fan source data
  • Support, multi-size qr code export, printing

Multiple WeChat Offical Accounts are managed uniformly

  • Support multi-WeChat Offical Account unified management, convenient and efficient

Custom function

  • According to different needs, customized development, such as the addition of online shopping malls, after-sales service, logistics information, activity statistics, the WeChat Offical Account data and internal ERP, CRM system after-sales and other systems connected

Use the instructions

  • Go to "http://your_store_host/Admin/WxConfig/List" to configure your public number
  • Offical Account name: Configure a friendly name
  • Public Number Id: Public Number Id id
  • AppID: The Offical Account AppId
  • AppSecret: The Offical Account app key
  • Token: Message signing key
  • EncodingAESKey: Message encryption key
  • the regional language version of the country




  • 公众号数据不再丢失,粉丝关注,取关行为记录为用户改善提供决策依据
  • 与企业其他系统(OA、CRM、售后等)整合


  • 对粉丝用户添加标签进行分类管理,精准营销
  • 可针对指定标签用户,定制推送消息、给粉丝更感兴趣的内容


  • 粉丝聊天记录不再受48小时时间限制,可永久保存
  • 可支持后台多用户聊天
  • 及时的消息提醒,不再让粉丝焦急等待


  • 可批量生成自设标签的二维码,分析统计粉丝来源数据
  • 支持,多种尺寸二维码导出、打印


  • 支持多公众号统一管理,便捷高效


  • 可根据不同需求,定制开发,如增加在线商城、售后服务、物流信息、活动数据统计、将公众号数据与企业内部ERP、CRM系统售后等系统连接


  • 前往"http://your_store_host/Admin/WxConfig/List"配置你的公众号
  • 名称:配置一个友好名称
  • 公众号Id:公众号标识Id
  • AppID:公众号AppId
  • AppSecret:公众号App密钥
  • Token:消息签名密钥
  • EncodingAESKey:消息加密密钥
  • 国家地区语言版本