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Scott Hunter

If you are a .NET developer looking for an eCommerce platform you should consider nopCommerce. It is both a great extensible eCommerce platform and supports the latest versions of .NET

Scott Hunter (@coolcsh) Director of Program Management for the .NET Platform at Microsoft (USA)
Scott Hanselman

nopCommerce is a fantastic open-source, stable, and super extensible eCommerce platform based on cross-platform .NET Core! It's perfect for any size business.

Scott Hanselman (@shanselman) Principal Community Architect, Microsoft Podcast: https://hanselminutes.com/shows

nopCommerce has an enterprise-level architecture - a very strong example of what a .NET developer should be looking at the front-end, business logic, mid-tier, and database level.

John Baluka (@JohnBaluka) Software developer, Coach for Microsoft Channel 9

Time to start your business with nopCommerce!

Absolutely free. 60,000+ successful clients. The most popular ASP.NET shopping cart in the world.