301 Permanent Redirect plugin (By NopAdvance)

301 Permanent Redirect plugin (By NopAdvance)
This plugin allows the store owner to redirect old URL(s) to new URL(s) when the store owner thinks of upgrading and shifting to a new store.
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Versiones soportadas: 4.50
Creado: octubre 06,2022
Última actualización: octubre 06,2022

301 Permanent Redirect Plugin

301 Permanent Redirect plugin allows the store owner to permanently redirect an URL to another URL. A 301 redirect, also known as a permanent redirect, is used in case of permanently redirecting to another page. This is a server-side redirect that redirects users from SeName A to SeName B while signaling to search engines that URL A's content has been permanently moved to URL B. So, this will pass 95-99% of the page authority from an old URL to a new URL.

Key Notes

1Multi-store configuration is supported.

2In the old and new URLs of the URL list page, you need the SeName of the URL you want to redirect.

3301 permanent redirect plugin is useful when you are migrating from one eCommerce platform to a nopCommerce platform.

4When a URL name is changed to another URL, you can use this plugin to set an old URL to a new URL.

5Redirect an old domain to a new domain.

6Redirect the entire domain from non-www to www (and vice-versa).

7Redirect the entire domain from HTTP to HTTPS.


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