Request a Quote v2 plugin.

Hace 7 años
With this plug-in, your customers can send a request for quote to the site owner. You can insert buttons to display quote request form anywhere on the page. The store owner can choose what products and at what time will have the option of submitting a request for quote.
Button to request a quote will be displayed for the products from Books group from January 01, 2014 till January 10, 2014.

Key Features.
1. You can configure what products (groups, manufacturers) will have the option of submitting a price request form.
    Request for quote form can be sent only for products from Books group.
2. You can create any number of request for quote forms (each will have its own description).
    For products of Books category, button 1 will be displayed with Request for quote caption.
    For products of Notebook category, button 2 will be displayed with Request for discount.
3. You can change the design and layout of request for quote forms (cshtml-files and css-style).
4. ACL support.
    Request for quote form prices will be available only to registered users or only for guests.
5. You can choose a period during which the client can send request for quote form.
    Allow clients to send request for quote form for only one day.
6. Works very quickly (store procedures).
7. Multistore support.
8. Multilanguage support.

Only works on MSSQL Server.
The unregistered version has only one limitation – Demo text on request page.

Compatible for NopCommerce 3.3/3.4

You can see how this plug-in works at Youtube

How to install and configure the plug-in

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Price: 40$
Hace 7 años
Added support version 3.40.
Hace 7 años
Added support version 3.10.
Hace 5 años
Added support version 3.50, 3.60, 3.70.
Hace 3 años
Added support nop 4.00 and release version 2.00.

New features in release 2.00 (for nop 4.xx)

1. Request attributes.
You can set what information do you need to get from your customer.
Customer's age or product quantity.
2. Conditions
You can set conditions for displaying 'Request buttons'.
Diplay button only for products if ones are out of stock, etc.
Hace 3 años
Added support version 4.10.
Hace 2 años
Added support version 4.20.
Hace un mes
Added support version 4.40.