Questions about multi-vendor configurations (Vendor settings)

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I have questions about vendors configurations:
- Is possible configure the commissions control to vendors in the Nopcommerce?
- About Shipping settings, is possible configurate the shipping (shipping origin) for each vendors?
- Exist plugins to appears the history of sales, reputation and avaliation for vendors?

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No, there is no settings or setup related to providing these three features
You would need to customise the solution
or maybe there is a plugin that can provide this functionality
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Thank you for information Yidna.
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RE: "(shipping origin) for each vendors"
It's possible to use warehouses (and the setting for shipping by warehouse), but if you are letting vendors manage their own products, then it won't work well (without customization), because products need to be assigned to a warehouse, and the vendor could select any warehouse (not just their own).
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Why is there no "Name" field in the shipping origin settings under Config > Shipping Settings? (Version 4.2) The absence of the "Name" field means that there is no name listed on the return address of our shipping labels. We are a big company with subdivisions, so a name field is important. ALSO - the lack of a name field seems to cause and Error with international orders - There needs to be a person or business listed. Screenshot:
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What shipping plugin are you using ?
I would imagine that name for a return label should be set as your Store Name but this should be done in the shipping plugin that creates the parcel
or in the settings for Shipping provider / carrier - some have multiple ship from addresses which is selected when creating the parcel to send
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RE: "Why is there no "Name" field in the shipping origin settings under Config > Shipping Settings?"
Because that shipping origin is only used as the origin address when shipping provider plugins needs to call carrier APIs (e.g. UPS, FedEx).

RE: "... no name listed on the return address of our shipping labels "
How are you printing "shipping labels"?  Out of the box, nopCommerce can "Print packaging slip".
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Thanks to you both. Our provider/plugin is In the plugin config, there are no address fields. Instead, it is pulling address info from the Settings > Shipping Settings fields -- and there is no name field there, as shown here:

In the screencast, you can see that as a work-around, I added a "name" to the Address 1 field, but that is not a solution the the "blank name" field error triggered sometimes (our international orders).
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So you use nopCommerce to create the parcel / package  ?
What nopCommerce Shipping Plugin are you using ?
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I think you need to speak to the plugin developer.