Allow Registered Users to add/delete/edit products from front-end.

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I want to create a new project based on NC 4.50.

I want to make a listings (ads) website with different categories like: selling apartments, selling cars, providing services, selling other staff.

What I need is to allow registered users to add products (listings) from front-end or in admin side, but I want to limit them only for their own products, so that they will not be able to delete or edit products of other users. Basically, I need to create forms for different categories with fields like: product name, short description, full description, images and specification attributes. Then I need to allow users to delete or edit their products. We can use usual admin side forms but with some changes and restrict all other actions. My main problem right now is adding product specifications, because when you create product in admin side, for each specification you must go to a different page then select specification then save it and then come back and etc. It takes to much time. I would like to have all that in one quick form. But for different categories I need to create different forms with different fields.

So, I have following questions.

Is it possible to create forms in different .cshtml files and use it?
If yes, then I need your help to create such a form. You may give me an example of a form, then I will adjust the form myself in .cshtml. I don't know C# so that's why I need help.

If it is not possible using .cshtml files then is it possible by creating a plugin?

I want to find a self-developer who could help me with this. I don't like team-based deloping companies, because I had bad experience with them. It is better when I explain all my needs to exact developer and make sure we understand each other.

Also, I want to say that I am from Russia and due too well-known sanctions against Russia, I have some troubles with bank accounts and cannot pay directly from my bank card. I live in the big city in Russia and we can find alternative way for me to pay. Or I can find another ways to pay you through middle-men.

Please, send me PM.

Thanks in advance.
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Hope you are well,
We have experience in it.
We would love to assist you for your requirement
Please check PM.

Ilyas Patel
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Hello ,

Hope you are doing well,
We are with nopCommerce since version 2.65 to till date. We have great experience in it.
We would like to help you
Please check PM for the same.

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Hi Zaf

Yes, it is possible to create forms in different .cshtml files but I will check its feasibility once and if not I will create a plugin for that.

Could you please connect so we can chat more in detail?

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I can definitely help you with your requirement.

Please connect with me

Best Regards
Trish C.
Email – [email protected]
Skype: live:.cid.baff7c7dd9471b54
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PM sent.
Please check.

Lauren W.
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