How surveys can increase the sales of your online store

How surveys can increase the sales of your online store

How do you know if your customers are happy with your online store or if they are satisfied with the products / services that you are offering? By asking them of course. And this is where surveys come in…

One of the most effective ways to get your customer’s feedback is to conduct survey. Survey is a great way to track your performance as a business because it can reveal a lot about the customer experience in relation to your store site. You can ask your customers to provide feedback regarding their experience with your company, customer service or if they are happy with your product. This gives you a great opportunity to improve your performance in order to make your customers happy.

Here are a few ways by which you can use surveys to increase the online store sales:

Understanding why visitors did not make a purchase

Shopping cart abandonment is quite prevalent in an online business. It can be a quite frustrating for any business owner to see abandoned shopping carts on their online stores. As the customer reaches the finish line of placing an order, something barricades the checkout process that abolishes the potential sale.

Make sure to keep a track of these visitors and if these are registered customers then use these customers as the target audience for your surveys to understand why they left your website without making the purchase. In your survey, ask questions like:

  • Did you not like the store site?
  • Did you not find the product you were looking for?
  • Did you not like the design of the site?
  • Did you not like the checkout process?

By conducting these kinds of surveys, you will be giving your customers a voice and once you have their responses, you can re-configure your online store site accordingly that meet your customer’s needs. This will help you excel in customer experience strategy.

Create surveys that help you understand your customers’ preferences

The more you learn about your customers’ preferences by conducting surveys, the better personalized experience you can create on your online store site for your customers. Greeting your customers with a personalized experience is not only going to improve the first impression but it will also set your eCommerce store apart from the competitors in the business industry.

Use survey as a tool for your next product launch

It is not a smart idea to invest a lot of time, money and effort in a new product launch without even finding out what is an actual demand of that product in the market. If your product is going to be new in the market then conduct a survey to see if online shoppers will buy your product or not. Surveys are a great way to gauge the market. Your survey question for a product launch should be capable of accomplishing the following 4 things:

  • Existing market (if market for the product is going up, staying flat or declining)
  • Existing competition
  • Right customer base
  • What value your new product will add to customer’s life

Some useful tips to ensure the highest response rate for your surveys

  • Keep the number of questions limited because too many questions can overwhelm your customer
  • Avoid questions that will influence an answer in any way
  • Sending out a survey right after a sale is a great way to show to your customer that their feedback is valuable and you are dedicated in improving your product or services
  • You can offer an incentive for survey participation like discount coupon or a lucky draw
  • Don’t forget to thank your survey participants

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So in sum, sometimes survey is your flashlight in dark night which helps you to see the road ahead. And how do you use surveys in your work? Send us your examples of effective surveys.

Author: Lavish Kumar

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