PressXchange: 50% boost in organic conversion rate

PressXchange: 50% boost in organic conversion rate
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50% increase in Conversion Rate
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70% increase in website traffic
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18% increase in number of advertisers is the world's largest & foremost online marketplace for preowned, refurbished, and reconditioned printing, pre-press, and post-press machinery. They have an up to date classified database of machines for sale, offered by the industry’s leading sellers. More than 170,000 monthly visitors from 180 countries search the equipment, supplies, and services for their printing and packaging business.


The previous website of Pressxchange was built on CS-Cart and was facing stability issues. The website was unable to handle the increase in the number of users and there were some performance-related issues. It used to take a lot of time to respond, loading speed per page was very poor. At the same time, the costs of keeping its legacy technology continued to rise.

Pressxchange decided to migrate its existing platform to a modern, flexible, reliable, scalable & cost-effective platform. Their main requirement was to enhance the user experience, improve the product quality, stand out from the competitors and provide clients with the modern, digital services they desired. The client wanted to scale-up their marketplace for sellers from across the globe to make the vendor’s business as convenient as possible.


To achieve this, Pressxchange approached TMotions to update the eCommerce platform. The client preference was Microsoft technology, so TMotions recommended them free and open-source ASP.NET based nopCommerce platform.

Initially, development team made a preliminary analysis to fill the gap between the missing functionality and the features that are already available in the nopCommerce platform. They saw the need of developing additional plug-ins and modules for the functionality that was not catered by standard NopCommerce architecture.

Due to in-built multi-vendor feature of nopCommerce, TMotions created a marketplace portal for the client. Product category structure and Specification attributes on nopCommerce helped to build a complex taxonomy for Pressxchange.

TMotions integrated separate modules for product valuation, product search and Auctions listing. The major work was involved in the rework of the Specification Attributes, denormalizing database relationships, converting some stored procedures to XML based transactions, and using flat tables to improve the performance significantly.

The client also wanted to use nopCommerce as an interoperability gateway for their dealer network. Using SOAP/XML based API services, TMotions connected several customers with nopCommerce.


TMotions successfully delivered a scalable and customizable marketplace using NopCommerce features that has helped in targeting the buyers from across the globe. After the website launch in 2014, TMotions team was inspecting the key indicators for more than a year and has seen the following results:

  • After upgrading the platform, the conversion rate has grown by 50%;
  • The number of advertisers was increased by 18%;
  • The higher search ranking & organic visibility were improved by 43,000 visitors per month with 220,000-page views.

What about the qualitative results, the client noted the improved level of customer support due to using nopCommerce in-built tools. Improved User journey & UX resulted in increased lead conversion. Over 176,000 people have now registered on pressXchange, making them one of the biggest print communities on the globe.

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