Fully-managed Private Cloud Hosting for mission-critical nopCommerce sites

The nopCommerce team in collaboration with the Everleap Managed Services team help you boost the performance and reliability of your nopCommerce site to the next level.

We offer a free consultation to understand your hosting requirements and we will design a customized hosting infrastructure to meet your business needs and provide you with a flat monthly cost.

Our services

Custom fully-managed private cloud hosting solution - your hosting solution is not shared with any other customer.

We proactively monitor your application. If we see any issues, we will notify you and provide solutions or recommendations for resolution.

  • Customized services, if desired (e.g., VPN, customized backup solution...etc.)

  • Proactive server, application and database monitoring

  • Lower costs than Public Clouds

  • Flat monthly cost. No monthly bill shock

  • Ability to scale with no or minimal downtime for your store

  • Fully-managed services includes staying up-to-date with server updates and security patches

  • Free website/database migration services

  • Includes free 24/7 technical support

  • Includes 2 hours of advanced support services per month (e.g., DBA consultation)

Everleap Managed Services vs. other hosting alternatives.

Managed Cloud Hosting vs. Traditional Shared Hosting

Managed Cloud Hosting vs. Traditional Shared Hosting

Better Performance

Your store will be the only site on the server, so you don't have to worry about any other sites using your server resources.

More Resources

Shared Hosts have to limit server resources (RAM/CPU) for web applications to be able to host many sites on the same server.


The Shared Host cannot offer customization for a single site on a shared server.

Easier Troubleshooting

Can troubleshoot directly on the server, which is more difficult if there are many different web applications running on the same server like shared hosting.

Better Security

On a shared server, customers run higher security risks since another customer could easily upload a vulnerable application.

Managed Cloud Services vs. On-Premises Hosting

Managed Cloud Services vs. On-Premises Hosting

No Hardware Costs - No Replacement Costs

With Managed Services, there is no CAPEX. In addition, there is no need to refresh your hardware every 3-5 years.

No Maintenance Headaches

With Managed Services, we take care of all the server maintenance, updates, and security patching. Your IT Team will not need to deal with server maintenance headaches.

Easier Scalability

We take care of everything when you need to scale or upgrade the hosting infrastructure. Your IT resources are not impacted and there is no need to purchase servers or server parts.

Free Expert Help Available

Your IT Team can freely consult with our team on any technical issue without the need to hire a consultant.

Better Monitoring

We'll monitor your hosting system servers, applications, and databases continuously. This will free up your IT resources to focus on other business priorities.

Fully-Managed Hosting vs. VPS/Dedicated Hosting

Fully-Managed Hosting vs. VPS/Dedicated Hosting

Redundant Infrastructure

Traditional VPS is a slice of a server and a dedicated server is one physical box. Our managed hosting solution uses a redundant cloud platform.

No Resource Contention

With VPS you typically have multiple VMs on a single host machine. All VMs share the server resources so there will be times of resource contention leading to performance degradation.

Easier Scalability

With our cloud infrastructure, scaling and upgrading your hosting infrastructure will not be as disruptive to your business compared to VPS/Dedicated Hosting.

Proactive Monitoring

We proactively monitor your server, application, and database. We'll troubleshoot issues or report issues that we see. This will free up your IT Team and they can focus on other business priorities.

Free of Maintenance Headaches

We proactively handle all server updates and security patching. Typically, the customer is left to manage their own server updates with VPS/Dedicated Hosting.

Fully-Managed Private Cloud vs. Public Clouds

Fully-Managed Private Cloud vs. Public Clouds

Easier to Setup/Manage

Public clouds are extremely complicated. There are entire businesses that will setup and manage public clouds because it is so complex. Everleap and nopCommerce teams will set up everything for you making onboarding simple.

Predictable Fees

We charge a fixed monthly rate so you know how much you are paying every month and can budget for the service. At Public Clouds, they will typically meter every service you use by the minute or second. Therefore, you do not know how much you will be paying at any time. There will be no Bill Shock with Everleap.

Lower Costs

Typically Everleap's managed hosting services will be less expensive than Public Clouds.

No Data Transfer Fees

One of the things Public Clouds meters is data transfer. We include data transfer fees in our quote.

Clear Pricing

Since we charge a fixed rate per month, our pricing is very clear. With all the metered services at Public Clouds, the billing statement is so confusing that there are businesses established now to decipher your Public Cloud billing statement.

Technical Support Included at No Cost

We include 24/7 technical support with our managed hosting service. Public Clouds offer support plans that you have to pay for that range from $150 - $1000/mo and some offer technical support for a percentage of your monthly fees.

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Please note that the starting price is $256/mo. If your hosting budget is below, we recommend you to use this hosting service.