Product Picture Zoom by nopStation

Product Picture Zoom by nopStation
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Picture zoom plugin enables the zooming capability on the product picture in the product details page.
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Versiones soportadas: 4.40, 4.50
Creado: febrero 20,2017
Última actualización: enero 28,2022

Product picture zoom plugin work for picture zoom in and zoom out to see the products. Customers can zoom in and zoom out in the product detail page. It's very easy to install and really helpful for your eCommerce. Products picture zoom plugin has some zoom options which are supported for your eCommerce.


1. It supports Enable/disable picture zoom.
  2. Zoom width and height can be configurable from the admin panel.
  3. It supports enlarging product pictures on hover.
  4. Rtl positions can be changed from the admin panel.
  5. It supports Enable/disable tint option.
  6. Lens opacity can be customizable.
  7. It supports Enable/disable soft focus option
  8. Smooth move option can be configurable from the admin panel
  9. It supports the Enable/disable show title option.
  10. Views and styles are open for modification.

gmt412 10/11/2017 11:52
Nice Work - Any Chance of v4.0 Compatibility?
The demo is great, really hoping you can update this to 4.0 compatibility!
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mrr-r 13/09/2017 13:35
Please update for 3.9.
Thank you!
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[email protected] 02/08/2017 9:54
How to enable on 3.70
It install but don't enable in my products image.
the setting page is ok too.
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LarryGaltrey 11/07/2017 2:47
Version 3.9
This sounds and looks like an awesome plugin, any chance its available on 3.9?

Thanks for the hard work!
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Un gerente respondió a esta opinión
Thanks. Yes.
gtsoukas 08/05/2017 15:21
Excellent Work
Well Done , Very Nice Job
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ernandoal 28/02/2017 7:41
Now It's for 3.80!!
Great Job! Works Fine!!
¿Fue útil esta reseña? 0 / No0 22/02/2017 0:46
Awesome free plugin
Just download it. Both 3.7 and 3.8 versions are available. Awesome free plugin.
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ernandoal 20/02/2017 14:29
Not for version 3.80!!
Plugin is not for version 3.80 as informed!!
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