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Sezzle is an alternative payment platform that increases sales by enabling customers to 'buy now and pay later' with interest-free installment plans.
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Creado: agosto 26,2019
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Sezzle is an alternative payment platform that increases sales and basket sizes by enabling your customers to 'buy now and pay later' with interest-free installment plans. Sezzle collects 25% of the purchase price from the consumer at the time of purchase, but pays the merchant the full purchase price upfront, less their fee. The merchant assumes no credit or fraud risk. Sezzle then schedules three additional installments of 25% to be automatically debited from the consumer every two weeks, completely interest- and fee-free. Sezzle is ideal for merchants that cater to young consumers, with order values typically between $50-$750, although we do accept orders up to $1,000. Sezzle increases consumers' purchasing power and is most heavily used by those without a credit card (63% of millennials do not own a credit card), or those with a very low credit limit on their card. However, a wide range of consumers uses Sezzle, both in terms of age and financial situation. Our extension includes a payment gateway, which will enable Sezzle as a payment option in your checkout. Once a customer selects Sezzle as their payment option, they are redirected to our secure checkout, after which they are taken back to your store to view purchase details. The extension also includes a widget that displays a dynamic installment amount on your product and cart pages, which is proven to increase conversions and basket sizes.

Accounts & Pricing

You must create a Sezzle account before you will be able to accept payments with Sezzle. To sign up, click here. Although the extension is free, Sezzle does charge a per-transaction fee. Please email [email protected] or call +1.651.504.5294 to learn more about pricing.


  • Live and Sandbox environment support.
  • Capturing and refund options.
  • Support for payment authorizations, capture, and refunds.
  • Industry-leading data security and PCI-compliant payments.
  • Quick pay and easy installments.

Sezzle Provides Value By:

  • Increasing sales. We're currently providing a 5% increase in incremental sales and a 50% lift in average order values.
  • Decreasing cart abandonment. 72% of consumers cite an order becoming too expensive" as a top reason for cart abandonment, according to a recent survey by Futurepay.
  • Removing all credit and fraud risk. Sezzle pays its merchant partners upfront for the entire purchase total, assuming all the risk from the transaction.

Security & PCI

Sezzle undergoes quarterly audits for Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, to ensure consumers' data is safely stored on our systems. We are currently certified up to PCI DSS Level 4. Sezzle is a PCI DSS Level 1 certified compliant Service Provider organization. We recommend that consumers and merchants ensure they are working with a Level 1 certified compliant organization. Level 1 certification ensures that an external auditor has fully assessed the ability of the organization. PCI DSS is a comprehensive set of requirements created by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council to enhance cardholder data security and to ensure the safe handling and storage of sensitive customer credit card information and data. Sezzle’s PCI DSS responsibilities as a Service Provider are outlined in our Level 1 Report on Compliance (ROC) and our Level 1 Attestation of Compliance (AOC), as independently audited and reported by Sezzle’s Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). Sezzle’s Attestation of Compliance (AOC) is submitted to Sezzle’s acquiring bank(s).

There are 4 levels of PCI compliance:

  • Level 1: Over 6 million card transactions per year. External audit required for compliance. (Sezzle is Level 1)
  • Level 2: 1 to 6 million transactions per year. Only a self-assessment is required for compliance.
  • Level 3: 20,000 to 1 million transactions per year. Only a self-assessment is required for compliance.
  • Level 4: fewer than 20,000 transactions per year. Only a self-assessment is required for compliance.

How Sezzle Works


We gather customer info from the checkout to speed new users through a 1-minute sign-up process.


We don't use credit scores. Our proprietary risk model enables us to approve more shoppers than the competition, leading to more sales for our merchant partners.


Sezzle settles upfront with our merchant partners. We assume all credit and fraud risk so you can focus on sales.


You can ship the product to your customer immediately. Once approved, your payment is guaranteed.

JacquieK 29/09/2019 8:48
A boutique must have!
This option is supported by other popular eCommerce platforms and has become a necessity for online boutiques.  I was so happy to finally find this plugin for nopCommerce since I was getting ready to switch to another platform to use it.  The plugin was very easy to install and works great!  I have already had customers use it!
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