What’s new in nopCommerce 4.20?

What’s new in nopCommerce 4.20?

Today our team feels proud in half with relief: after 10 months of hard work, we officially release nopCommerce 4.20.

Here you’ll find the description for the major changes in 4.20 (the full list of them is available in release notes). In a few words: nopCommerce now supports UNIX-based systems and is much more user-friendly. Besides that, it's much faster now.

Linux and Docker support

Yes, that’s right: now you can run nopCommerce on Linux. After the final transition to .NET Core in 4.10, we still had several problems to solve before starting to support UNIX-compatible systems. They were connected to the path entry difference in Windows and Linux file systems, completely different methods of getting access to files and folders, and the fact that UNIX-compatible systems are case sensitive. The adaptation process took almost 200 hours - and now we’re ready to present the result of these efforts.

Due to this change nopCommerce 4.20 will also provide Docker support. It contains Docker file to create a nopCommerce container, which allows to save your time and use this tool out of the box.

Performance improvements

Performance improvements

nopCommerce 4.20 is way much faster and stable, even when operating with hundreds of items wish lists and shopping carts. We fixed the bug connected to using EF Core 2.1 which caused critical performance issue in 4.10. In the new version there is also the option of using minified HTML (configurable). As a result demo site built on 4.20 has got 99/100 for mobile and 100/100 for desktop devices in Google Page Speed tools.

Better UI/UX in the admin area

Better UI/UX in the admin area

The re-design of the admin area made it more user-friendly. Plenty of tabs were replaced by folding panels: now all the info is compact and easy to reach. The main changes have regarded general settings and product details pages. nopCommerce 4.20 moved to DataTables from outdated Kendo UI Grid. Besides that, you would notice a lot of minor improvements, regrouping, and reordering of some input fields.

Install/uninstall multiple plugins

Using the newest version of nopCommerce allows you to save time by install/uninstall multiple plugins. All uninstalled plugins now wouldn’t be loaded in the memory providing better performance and predictability of the system.

GDPR: User change history

nopCommerce 4.20 provides an automated feature allowing to give clients information on changes they made to their profile (in conformity with Art. 19 GDPR).


Thanks for all who participated in our bug bounty program and helped us with the final enhancements.

Hope you will find all these changes really useful. We will be glad to get your feedback at our forum.

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28/05/2019 15:17
As per initial setup and testing that I ran just now, it really seems much faster and improved in every terms. Specially, html minification, improved caching and upgraded third party libraries such as EF and Core. I have shared my candid feedback here https://www.nopcommerce.com/boards/t/66093/nopcommerce-420-is-released.aspx#235662

However, it also works smoothly on Linux as per what I tested few days back with Github code.

-- Atul
29/05/2019 11:44
My feedback is here,


I saw feedback of nopAdvance(Atul).

It was very charming.

Thanks for your feedback for some important feature that i forgot to read somewhere.

like out of box HTML minification support.
29/05/2019 12:33
Congratulations nop team. The good thing behind to take time more than 10 months to release 4.20 is the performance of nopCommerce and cross platform support.

Hope now more customer will happy to use nopCommerce on linux hosting.
30/05/2019 22:57
How to install on Linux step by step?
01/06/2019 7:25
Congratulations. Well done.