Why build a store at nopCommerce 4.20

What changed in the admin area at nopCommerce 4.20

In the previous post, we spoke about what’s new in nopCommerce 4.20 from the developers’ view. But we also didn't forget about those who spend most of the time working with a created site - store owners and admins.

Managing 4.20 store is easier and more convenient than ever before in nopCommerce. Here are the main advantages of building it on the latest version of the platform:

1. Create the store that would be rank well in Google

The speed of pages loading is one of the key aspects of ranking by search engine systems, and the stores made on nopCommerce 4.20 work really fast. The pages load rapidly even when users have hundreds of items in their shopping carts. Here are the results for our demo site made on 4.20:

The speed of pages loading is one of the key aspects of ranking by search engine systems

2. Use more advanced GDPR tools

nopCommerce platform has already had the function for exporting personal data on the customer’s profile page in accordance with GDPR. 4.20 version gives store owners more advanced tools, which will automatically log all the changes with the client’s profile in conformity with Art. 19 GDPR.

3. Easy edit with the new folding panels

Forget bulky tabs - in nopCommerce 4.20 they are replaced by compact folding panels. You’ll find the main changes at the common settings page and at the product pages. A new design provides quick editing of all the information and all the settings you need.

Forget bulky tabs

4. Filter shopping carts and wishlists to understand customers’ needs better

Due to this feature, you will be able to filter shopping carts and wishlists by the period of time, product and the billing country. It will help to understand seasonal and local trends and offer to your customers the products they’re most interested in.

Filter shopping carts and wishlists

5. Set a store favicon from the admin area

In 4.20, if you want to change a store favicon, there will be no need to seek the right folder on hosting for uploading it. You can manage it right from the admin area in several mouse clicks.

Test all the said yourself - visit our store demo for 4.20.

Find out more about store themes and plugins at our marketplace.

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13/07/2019 0:08
#3. Easy edit with the new folding panels
How is it easy. It is much more difficult to navigate and find what to edit.
13/08/2019 13:32
The new folding panels is much harder to navi compared to old one
17/09/2019 7:26
I agree with the comments by renishskills and toanhnt, the folding panels make things much worse to work with. Too much white space in the whole website too. Need to cut down on margins and padding.