eShiply Combo Offer Plugin v1.4

eShiply Combo Offer Plugin v1.4
Increase your sales with combo offer. It is proven by many customers.
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Supported versions: 3.90 , 4.00
Created: October 04,2016
Last updated: February 03,2018

eShiply Combo Offer Plugin provided combo offer to your customer to buy bulk item with special price.

You are allow to map manufacturer for the combo offer.

The customer allow to buy more than accepted quantity. Example: Buy 3 items for 2 items, if customer has 4 or 5 items then they will have to pay for 3 or 4 items only.

The customer is able to enjoy the offer if they added the products under the selected categories and the total value is with the price range. Example: USD 100 - USD 200 for new arrival category will enjoy 20% or USD 200 and above for new arrival category will enjoy 30%

Multiple set of single combo is supported now. Example: Buy 3 items pay for 2 items, if customer has 6 items then they just have to pay for 4 items only.

With eShiply Combo Offer Plugin, you are able to sell product such as buy 3 items with USD 99.99 or each items USD 40.00 or buy 100 items to 200 items will get 30% discount for each items or buy 50 items and get 20% for each items or Buy 5 items pay for 3 items with 2 free item with the lowest price

It is proven by many customers before released at nopCommerce store.

Our customer has increase their sales at least 30% monthly by providing combo offer to their customer

* Fixed bugs - Combo set not working if multiple category assigned to products entitled to combo set

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