Extended single one page checkout

Extended single one page checkout
Improved OnePage checkout for simplify checkout process. One page checkout plugin turns a few steps in one simple page. Your checkout will be simpler and more intuitive. You wondering why your customers abandon shopping carts?
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Supported versions: 4.00 , 4.10 , 4.20
Created: April 12,2018
Last updated: January 29,2020
Single One Page Checkout for nopCommerce

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Users are impatient. If they do something, they will do it with the fastest possible way and it doesn’t matter what it is. It can be a car trip, bike trip, virtual ride or problem solving. Everyone is busy now and no one will waste time on waiting. So don’t force customers to wait for making order. Simplify the purchasing process as much as you can. How can you do it? Easily with the Extended One Page Checkout for nopCommerce.


Shopping cart abandonment is an epidemic in online retailing, with some companies reporting that more than 60% of checkouts end without a conversion. People abandon their shopping carts and don’t finalize orders because the checkout is too complicated. A one-page checkout displays all elements of a standard checkout including shopping cart contents, billing and shipping address, shipping options, and payment information on one page. Originally, one-page checkouts were put into practice in an effort to simplify the mentioned process with fewer clicks and fewer pages to visit.

Instant AJAX Updates

Data on checkout page is automatically updated once you provide it, so no page reloading is needed to update the information that you've provided.

Full control in the shopping cart

The customers can change the quantity of products in the shopping cart or remove them.

Supports almost all major payment methods

nopCommerce Extended One Page Checkout plugin supports all native nopCommerce payment methods and also many third party solutions.

Supports almost all major shipping methods

nopCommerce Extended One Page Checkout plugin supports all native nopCommerce shipping methods. Also, it supports many shipping methods from 3rd party providers.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are crucial in any e-Commerce business. Before placing an order, customers must read and accept terms and conditions in a pop-up window. The store admin can disable this option if it is not required for business. It's very important in the case of customer trust gaining.

How nopCommerce plugin – Extended One Page Checkout will help your customers?

  1. Reduces the nopCommerce standard 6 steps checkout to just 1 single page
  2. Customers can select billing and shipping address directly from their address book
  3. Allows to validate addresses during address save
  4. Store owner can restrict payment methods for particular shipping methods
  5. Possibility to show checkout attributes on one page checkout, i.e Gift Wrapping
  6. Allows to enter the coupon and gift card code on checkout
  7. Users can save addresses for later
  8. Mobile friendly, fully responsive One Page Checkout for nopCommerce
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