AI SEO Expert by nopStation

AI SEO Expert by nopStation
AI SEO Expert plugin lets you achieve SEO coverage through the power of AI. This generative AI plugin helps you set up SEO meta-attributes utilizing your existing data, save time and expand keyword coverage exponentially faster than manual SEO.
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Versions supportées : 4.60, 4.70
Créée le : novembre 01,2023
Dernière mise à jour : mai 20,2024

Creating engaging and effective SEO content for any e-commerce site can be quite challenging, especially on a large scale with a diverse range of catalogs. The ability to automate the creation of effective SEO content and metadata on a scale through AI for an e-commerce site can help with setting up SEO coverage effectively.

Ready to turbocharge your nopCommerce store's SEO? Check out nopStation's SEO Expert plugin built using the power of GPT-3.5 Turbo! This generative AI plugin for nopCommerce helps you set up SEO meta-attributes utilizing your existing product data, helping you save time and expand keyword coverage. This plugin helps you to set up SEO coverage for thousands of products exponentially faster than manual SEO inputs, reducing the need for resources. This lets you generate effective SEO content in a fast, cost-effective, and efficient manner, letting you focus on running your business.

  • AI generation for default SEO attributes (meta title, meta keywords, meta description)
  • Send default entity info data to generate content (name, short description, description)
  • Ability to add additional info with generation parameters
  • Configuration over temperatures parameter to control generation creativity and accuracy
  • Support for Category default SEO attribute generation
  • Support for Manufacturer default SEO attribute generation
  • Support for Product default SEO attribute generation
  • Ability to generate SEO content in bulk for all or selected entities (Product/Category/Manufacturer)
  • Enable/Disable bulk generation for entities (Product/Category/Manufacturer)
  • Easy installation & configuration
  • API key required for OpenAI
  • Only supported for GPT 3.5 Turbo

Get SEO with generative AI capabilities for your online storefront, by getting nopStation’s SEO Epert plugin for nopCommerce. Don’t forget to take a look at nopStation’s other SEO plugin, Advanced SEO Plugin.

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