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eCommerce gamification: boosting engagement and loyalty for best experience

eCommerce gamification

Customer is the king and to drive them on eCommerce platforms, it’s necessary to outline plans and strategies to stand out. Businesses regularly recognize ways to drive traffic on platforms and convert customers; eCommerce gamification is one of them.

Many businesses have initiated using eCommerce gamification to attract and engage customers. Keep on reading to learn the biggest benefits of this strategy and practical ways to implement it into your online store.

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Best B2B eCommerce websites globally + first-rate examples powered by nopCommerce

Best B2B eCommerce websites

The transition from traditional sales to an online marketplace is no longer just a competitive edge; it's the lifeline of thriving enterprises. However, selling to other businesses can be a bit tricky and the B2B buying journey isn't always straightforward. So it doesn’t hurt to learn a few things from the companies that are doing it right.

This article presents a comprehensive analysis of successful sites, highlighting their best practices and offering insights on how to build a thriving B2B eCommerce business. Check out these examples and their powerful features to make sure your B2B online store remains relevant, competitive and successful.

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Everleap Managed Hosting vs. Amazon Web Services

Everleap Managed Hosting vs. Amazon Web Services

The dynamic nature of eCommerce and web applications demands hosting solutions that can seamlessly adapt to evolving requirements while ensuring top-notch performance, reliability, and scalability.

In this article, you’ll explore various aspects such as performance benchmarks, ease of use, cost-effectiveness, support, and scalability of AWS and Everleap Managed Hosting in order to make the optimal choice for your nopCommerce-powered online store.

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10 Best Magento alternatives to consider in 2024

Best Magento alternatives

Initially launched as an open-source project, Magento gradually evolved into a prominent player in the eCommerce arena. The software offers a wide range of selling functions and robust management features to facilitate online sales for medium- and large-sized businesses.

But if it’s so good and popular, why are developers and merchants seeking a Magento alternative? In this post, you’ll learn the main reasons for migration and find the best candidates for Magento’s crown.

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Best web hosting for eCommerce - the cheap, the costly and the task-specific

Best hosting for ecommerce website

How does eCommerce web hosting work? What is its influence on the functioning of your online store? In a nutshell, if your provider can’t ensure good speed, your website will be slow too. If your web hosting provider is temporarily down, your online store is also unavailable for visitors, which results in a poor user experience and possible revenue loss.

Even if you're running a regular website, finding a good web host may be a challenge. Now imagine searching for one that can keep an online store live 24/7. We took it upon ourselves to check the best hosting for eCommerce and compared the most popular solutions on today’s market.

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Create a jewelry eCommerce store and upgrade to an international one

How to build a jewelry online store and move it globally

Economic forecasts show a huge global jewelry market with room for both emerging companies and established industry giants. If you're thinking about launching or expanding your own jewelry website, the time is now. Because eCommerce platforms make it possible for even the tiniest businesses to build a significant online presence, it has become even more practical.

Opening an internet jewelry company might be a difficult task. Thankfully, our tutorial will demonstrate how to set up your jewelry eCommerce site, develop a cherished client experience, and expand it to a global level.

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Top 10 B2B marketplaces: main principles of their success

Top 10 B2B marketplaces: main principles of their success

These days, some SMEs choose B2B marketplaces since they can easily connect consumers and merchants on these online buying platforms. A fairly simple way to begin a business is to put your products on a wholesale marketplace and sell to B2B clients looking for your products.

It is essential to identify the capabilities that these business-to-business markets provide. Additionally, techniques for seamless integration of B2B marketplaces with an eCommerce store could be presented for retailers that have already built up their own eCommerce solutions.

All these features are discussed in this article to aid organizations in familiarizing themselves with B2B eCommerce marketplaces. The top 10 business-to-business marketplaces will also be explored, with an emphasis on their key advantages.

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B2B eCommerce for manufacturers: overcoming challenges and utilizing best practices

B2B ecommerce for manufacturers

With sales slowing down due to a softening economy and high inflation, the manufacturing industry faces the complex task of utilizing digital commerce to survive the hard times.

In this post, we’ll focus on B2B eCommerce for manufacturers, its biggest challenges and technical requirements, take a look at its prospects, and consider some successful case studies of businesses going online.

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The future is mobile: maximize your nopCommerce store’s potential with an app

nopCommerce mobile app for merchants

It’s no surprise that mcommerce experiences steady growth and is fast becoming consumers’ preferred shopping channel. However, many website owners still don’t understand its potential benefits and delay mobile app development because of their concerns.

In this post, we will debunk the myth that developing and maintaining a mobile app for your eCommerce website is long, costly and not suitable for every business. You’ll learn more about the ready-made nopCommerce mobile app, how to launch it with minimum effort and time expenses, how to manage product catalogs and streamline sales using the new channel, and how much money is needed if compared to other solutions.

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How to build an eCommerce app: key features, tech stack, and UI design (nopCommerce mobile app case study)

How to build an eCommerce mobile app?

In today’s booming eCommerce landscape, creating an effective mobile app is a key strategy to thrive in the digital marketplace. The question is how to build an eCommerce mobile app that stands out from the competition and is yet cost-effective?

In this article, the nopCommerce core team will reproduce the process of creating their mobile app that enables a sleek and user-friendly mobile eCommerce experience. The text explores the key features, tech stack, design and architecture aspects involved in building an eCommerce app, using the nopCommerce mobile app case study as a reference.

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