FlipBook (Magazine) by nopStation

FlipBook (Magazine) by nopStation
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Flip book is a digital magazine. By this plugin display multiple products. It looks like a traditional magazine. This plugin can be used for campaigning and other purposes. Customers get more in depth information about the products.
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Versions supportées : 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60, 4.70
Créée le : novembre 21,2019
Dernière mise à jour : juin 03,2024

Supporting an online reader or magazine-like catalog browser can be a helpful UX or accessibility feature for online stores. A magazine-based flipbook or layout provides an eye-catching design and simulates an entire product catalog, which can help you appeal to your customers.

Flipbook (Magazine) for nopCommerce

If you want to enable digital flipbook functionality on your online store, then nopStation is here with its Flipbook(Magazine) plugin. This flipbook digital magazine plugin for nopCommerce stores lets you add flipbook magazine and reader functionality to your storefront. This plugin enables functionality such as creating flipbooks for products, displaying any picture like a flipbook, adding product price details, and linking with Add-to-Cart and Wishlist options. By enabling flipbooks, you can simulate a physical product catalog or magazine to enhance the shopping experience for your customers. Customers can easily browse through products and seamlessly add them to their carts and wish lists from the flipbook, letting you improve the shopping experience on your nopCommerce storefront.

  • Display multiple products in the same page in the flipbook
  • Display any picture like a page in a flipbook
  • In the flipbook, you can share the price of products
  • After click on a product it's taken to your eCommerce site for product details
  • In flipbook, there is Add To Cart option like your eCommerce side
  • In the flipbook, there is Add To compare list option like your eCommerce store
  • In the flipbook, there is Add to wish list options too like your eCommerce site
  • Simulates the look of a physical magazine
  • Product box options
  • You can give advertisements for your vendors in your flipbook
  • The default flipbook css is based on the Default Clean theme
  • Can be customizable the css for any theme
  • Customize it in the css file from ~/Plugins/NopStation.Flipbooks/Contents/styles/magazine.css

Enable flipbook digital magazine and reader support on your online store built on nopCommerce with nopStation’s Flipbook(Magazine) plugin. Take a look at one of nopStation's other class-leading UX enhancement plugins, Smart Mega Menu as well.

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[email protected] 04/10/2021 08:12
Inferior Flip book to what on other websites.
Compared with what other platforms offer this is an inferior product most flipbook web plugins allow a zoom function, we are running version nopCommerce version 4.40.3, the images I loaded are really good quality however when rendered in the Browser the image display poorly. Then there is no way to zoom, very disappointed with the purchase.
We currently use issue a 3rd party online magazine published and embed the code into a page I was hoping to ditch this but its seems that this will not be possible.
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Hello Steve,
Did you check our demo before purchasing the plugin?
Are you seeing anything in demo or in feature list which is missing in plugin? If there is any then we will provide you free support.

PunkyDogGear 26/11/2019 01:14
I must admit ... this is cool!  :D
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Thank you. You can try this plugin if needed.
hubhub 23/11/2019 23:16
Good Plugin

We are using nopcommerce in educational site and I think your plugin will be good to be used.

Can you share a trial version for Nop 4.2.

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Thank you. We do not have the trial version. But you can play with from admin side and public site. It is fully customizable. If you need admin details can knock at the support skype or me sina.bs23.