Hi, I am started with this amazing CRM. but I have an opinion about the Newsletter.
I have 2 stores on my website, so when a customer wants to register on the website, the checkbox of Newsletter only permit register in a default store no in all my stores.

I see the code and I understand the way how this happens
public partial class WebStoreContext : IStoreContext ...
//try to determine the current store by HTTP_HOST
                var host = _webHelper.ServerVariables("HTTP_HOST");
                var allStores = _storeService.GetAllStores();
                var store = allStores.FirstOrDefault(s => s.ContainsHostValue(host));

In my case all my stores have the same hosting because is a type of departments stores like a Wallmart for example but in each store sells differents kinds of products and in differents place in all country, so I need to know in wish store are available the products and in with locations can send email with offers

I don't want to change the core but I think it is could be an improvement in other versions or maybe give the customer the options to check in which store wants to receive emails. it could be in the customer setting Newsletter box. Allow unsubscribing

Now I have to do this in my plugins theme.

I comment on this so that it has better functionality in future versions