Free shipping remaining cost

Free shipping remaining cost
The widget plugin show the remaining amount that must be spent by the customer to get free shipping.
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Supported versions: 3.90
Created: November 30,2017
Last updated: November 30,2017

The widget displays an onscreen notification for the remaining amount that must be spent by the customer to gain free shipping. The widget will display the notification in a block if the free shipping method is enabled, and customer has the appropriate minimum order amount (not zero). The minimum order amount can be configured in widget’s configuration section. This minimum order amount this will be used instead of the default free shipping order value in this case. If the customer adds products to the cart, the notification text will refresh automatically (without page reload). The update also happens for any other interactions if the user removes, modify or update items in the cart. The administrator can customize the notification text and the block title at the extension’s from admin section because during installation of this plugin all string resource are added to the system. The plugin can be configured to display the message automatically anywhere of the site where the widget is called. It is very simple to display the block in different areas. If free shipping available for the customer there is an option to show a customizable success message.


- Plugin enable / disable - Automatically display notification the message in different areas on the frontend as required - Customize notification text - Multiple currency support - Setup custom amount for free shipping order amount - The widget(s) can be placed anywhere easily on the frontend in Nopcommerce 3.9 - Can be used in all predefined Nop widgets, to show message - Can be used in area other than predefined Nop widgets, to show message - Custom success message - Multi store support - Default supported languages: English