Get Yahoo Order Module

Get Yahoo Order Module
Module get order information from Yahoo Mall to manage order information in nopCommerce.
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Supported versions: 4.00
Created: April 23,2018
Last updated: April 23,2018

This module is a program that uses the Yahoo Web API to obtain order information that is sold at the Yahoo Mall.
In order to use this, you will need to make a contract to use the Orders API in the Yahoo Web API menu.

■ Features
Gets the order information that is stored in the New Order status.

■How to use
・Module download
・Installation on the site
・Set Yahoo Mall as a store
・Select "Settings" and "store" from the administrator area.
・Click the "Add New" button.
・Set up the necessary items such as "Store Name" and "Store URL"
・Click "Save" button
・Register the store ID to be "3".
The store name you set here will be displayed as the store name after you import the order information.
・Basic information input using the Yahoo Web API from the Settings menu
・Enable modules

■ Restrictions
・One order cannot handle multiple deliveries successfully.
・If you want to retrieve the order information once, delete the existing order information.