Google Widget Tools (

Google Widget Tools (
Google Widget Tools plugin allow your site to be more reliable through the opinions of Google users. The plugin allows you to create a list of dynamic feed products to advertise on Adwords.
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Supported versions: 4.10 , 4.20
Created: March 25,2019
Last updated: June 19,2019

Google Plugin for nopCommerce | Google Review Widget | nop-NYCO1. Reviews Settings - Set your Google merchant detgails for enabling your customers to write Google reviews in order to make your website more reliable and thus increase the popularity and sales of the your site.
Adwords Dynamic Feed | nopCommerce Widget | nop-NYCO2. Adwords Dynamic Feed Settings - - Create your dynamic feed file for advertising on Google Adwords platform. - Just set your langugage and choose your products categories. - After pressing the create button you will generate CSV dynamic feed file that can be exported to Adwords campigns.
Dynamic Feed List for Adwords - nopCommerce Plugin | nop-NYCO3. Dynamic Feed File - CSV sample file that was generated by the plugin. - Take the file and export your products to Google Adwords dynamic feed library.
Google Review | nopCommerce Widget | nop-NYCO4. Google Customer Review - - Popup offering your customer to give a review will be shown automaticlly in Thank you page. If customer agrees, an email will be sent to customer email.