RoxyFileman Error

5 anni tempo fa
Hey guys,

I didn't technically upgrade - I was running 3.6, so I did the 3.7 SQL upgrade, then the 3.8 SQL Upgrade, and redeployed (from VS2015) a brand new installation of 3.8 to my server and connected it to my old DB. Everything has been working exactly as expected.

However, I just discovered today when I try and open the Add Image (Roxy Fileman), I get a popup error:

Error loading ../../../Admin/RoxyFileman/ProcessRequest?a=FILELIST&d=%2fContent%2fImages%2fuploaded&type=image

To get it, I click the image icon in the rich text editor, and it brings up the Source/Dimensions dialog.  When I press the folder icon to browse and upload an image, I'm hit with the error.

Any ideas?
5 anni tempo fa
Sorry guys, it was actually just a write permissions error.
5 anni tempo fa
Thank you! Searching on this error I just found loads of posts that said "Duplicate question, deleted" but this was the answer in my case!
3 anni tempo fa
One of reason for this error is the total content size of the uploaded folder. Can you please check creating a new folder with the same name.
11 mesi tempo fa
Which folder and/or user was the permissions granted? I'm having the same issue and my user that is associated to the app pool has full write access to the Images folder