When add to cart then minicart

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Hello all, I would like to ask you how can i  change the code so in a product page when i press the add to cart button then the minicart opens ? https://ibb.co/BqK1h2j // https://ibb.co/SRFZzk5

Thank you very much
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And what would close it?  (Currently, it only stays open when the mouse is hovered over it)
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This isn't an issue , i can add a close button.
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In case that i wasn't clear on what i want to do is that my final expectation is to get a "Offcanvas" Side cart.

Thank you again
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exantas wrote:
"Offcanvas" Side cart.

What is this - can you provide more details ?

When you click Add to cart it calls and Ajax Routine

<input type="button" id="[email protected]" class="button-1 add-to-cart-button" value="@addToCartText" data-productid="@Model.ProductId" onclick="AjaxCart.addproducttocart_details('@Url.RouteUrl("AddProductToCart-Details", new {productId = Model.ProductId, shoppingCartTypeId = (int) ShoppingCartType.ShoppingCart})', '#product-details-form');return false;" />

See Presentation\Nop.Web\Views\Product\_AddToCart.cshtml
And Presentation\Nop.Web\wwwroot\js\public.ajaxcart.js
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First of all thank you for taking the time helping me.
Secondly you can see here an example : https://www.bertolucci.com.gr/en
If you press the top right cart button an offcanvas cart appears from the right. My thought is that when i press the add to cart button in nopcommerce instead of a minicart i want a offcanvas cart like this to appear. It's easier for the customer and more modern.

Best regards