upgrade 4.30 to 4.50

9 mesi tempo fa

I am trying to upgrade nop to the latest version.

1. I downloaded the latest version and filled in the install fields.
2. I got the sequence contains more then 1 element error.
3. looked it up, saw a solution here https://www.nopcommerce.com/en/boards/topic/40009/setup-failed-sequence-contains-more-than-one-element/page/2
4. OK, np. i went to look at copying the old datasettings file but i noticed there was now an appSettings.json file in the app_data directory
5. i opened that up and pasted in my connection string
6. i restarted nop and everything seemed ok until the migrations started to run

i get the following error:

Cannot define foreign key constraint 'FK_SpecificationAttribute_SpecificationAttributeGroupId_SpecificationAttributeGroup_Id' with cascaded DELETE or UPDATE on table 'SpecificationAttribute' because the table has an INSTEAD OF DELETE or UPDATE TRIGGER defined on it.

Any suggestions?
8 mesi tempo fa
Did you have any custom coding done on your 4.3 shop? Where is the trigger coming from. Do you have access to your 4.3 data tables to check the table [SpecificationAttribute] for a trigger.
8 mesi tempo fa
Thanks for the reply. We do have custom code and i can remove that trigger. i am not familiar with nop and didnt want to start deleting stuff without asking around a little first. i will try that and see how it goes. Thanks again
8 mesi tempo fa
deleting that trigger worked. thanks
8 mesi tempo fa
Glad to help!