Upgrading Database from version netcoreapp2.2 to the latest Version NET.6.0

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I have an old NOP Store that was developed on version 2.2.  Today it stopped working and I am not able to get it back up.

I would like to update the Database to NET6.0 so I can regain my settings and  products images, etc.

What is the recommended approach for me to get there successfully without rebuilding everything from scratch?
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You would need to run the update scripts 2.2 to 2.3, 2.3 to 2.4, etc
From https://www.nopcommerce.com/en/download-nopcommerce
Thats a lot of scripts - But when you get to v4.3 there are no more scripts
The migration happens via the install for 4.3 to 4.4 to 4.5

Or the other way if you had all the images in an accessible directory
You could export the products and import
and copy across category text, etc from the database
Just that some people have had issues with the scripts route especially if there is customisations in the database
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Thank You.  The site refuses to load now and I do not get any significant error to troubleshoot.
I had made some modification to some of the Views as well, which is not too bad, but the photos were a lot of work.  I wish there was a way to load the Web site back up.  I had a backup of the files and Database from the day before when it was working, I tried to reload from backup and it still will not load.  Strange...
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I guess you could try to access the database Log table and see if there is any error in there
Check windows server Event Logs, IIS Logs for errors
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I even tried to download a copy from GIT that I save, which sI do all the time for every single change.  I can't buid and getting this error now:

25>Done building project "Nop.Plugin.Tax.Avalara.csproj" -- FAILED.

Please help!
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Are you using that plugin ?
For live Tax updates
If not delete it from the Solution
Which Visual Studio are you using 2019 ?
You will need the old asp.net packs installed as well
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"For nopCommerce 4.50 or above: MS Visual Studio 2022 (version 17.0 or above). And don't forget to install .NET 6 SDK []  Required for developers who want to edit the source code."
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Thank you so much for your guidance.  I did as indicated, but, I was reusing my backup to keep trying new solutions, which has not worked so far, 7 hours after the crash.  If I removed the whole Tax plug-in, then another plugin started yelling for attention, and so on...  

After nine hours of futile troubleshooting, I tried one more time with a new database restore from the day before and a fresh GIT clone of the previous save and decided to simply ran it in Debug Mode.   Low-and-behold, as they say,  the code kept turning and the debug supporting files were recreated and restored and pow, the landing page sowed-up.    OMGosh, that was like having a bright light ignited over the whole room.  

After that initial successful launch, I retired two more times in Debug, and finally ran a launch without debug and that worked too.

Publishing it to the IIS Server also finally worked.  WOW!  That was quite a scare.

Now that it is back-up and working on IIS, I was wondering if I should upgrade to version 4.5.  Right now, I am on here:

    <Copyright>Copyright © Nop Solutions, Ltd</Copyright>
    <Company>Nop Solutions, Ltd</Company>
    <Authors>Nop Solutions, Ltd</Authors>

Any Ideas on how I could go forward to successfully upgrade without breaking everything?
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Ok it is version 4.2 nopCommerce not 2.2 (.net)
The same applies - run the 4.2 to v4.3 script
Then take a backup in case of errors
Install .net6 hosting bundle
Setup a v4.5 website
- I would run an install to make a test database and check everything is working first
Turn on stdout error logging in case of errors
Then edit the appsettings.json to point to the v4.3 database
- dataSettings.json is no longer used
Run the website again and it should do the migration to v4.5
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Ok.  Thank you for the instructions.  Looking forward to completing it.