AVEVA: Digital exchange marketplace for industrial challenges

AVEVA: Digital exchange marketplace for industrial challenges


AVEVA Industrial Software Solutions is an innovative leader in the industrial automation space. A global leader in engineering, design, and information management software, this Fortune 100 company provides technology solutions to industries ranging from energy to food production, chemical, mining and minerals, oil and gas, and infrastructure.

AVEVA needed a convenient way to educate their customers and partners about the common challenges in each vertical market they service. They wished to present their partners’ offerings, including software and services, and make them available for download. The project required the creation of two separate means of website maintenance: the content - creation should be in their partners’ hands, while AVEVA retained full oversight along with complete command and control.

All activities on the site needed to be tracked and measured, with updates provided to various other systems, including a CRM, the Training Website, and AVEVA’s main website. To manage all these tasks, AVEVA appealed to a nopCommerce Gold solution Partner - Irvine Software Company.


To bring the idea of a portal for both partners and customers into reality, Irvine Software Company (ISC) created a virtual marketplace called the Digital Exchange where industry challenges are addressed. Solutions to these challenges are presented as collections of products and services offered by AVEVA and their partners.


ISC used nopCommerce as the underlying engine and co-managed the project on the development side. According to Raul E. from AVEVA: “We decided to create an online Software Marketplace and selected the nopCommerce platform because of its completeness and extensibility”. In addition to delivering the final site, ISC assumed responsibility for the project architecture, including Azure configuration, deployment, and support. ISC implemented custom UI/UX Themes and Views, and UI/UX Controllers and Services, to create a smooth and intuitive user experience for industrial engineers.

To amplify the analysis of key business metrics, the Irvine Software team created a custom dashboard to display Key Performance Indicators with various current and historical trends. ISC integrated the Digital Exchange with the HubSpot CRM system to provide Enhanced Contact specific to the products integrated with AVEVA’s marketing lead system.

Most important to the AVEVA team is the highly customized and functional “Loading Dock” where partner content is uploaded and curated by the AVEVA team. This feature provides role-based access to partner offers which are then submitted and go through a series of review and approval steps. Each step is written to the product history and is communicated to both internal users and external patterns via a central workflow dashboard and email notifications.


This feature has allowed AVEVA to fully describe the solutions for their target industries while enhancing their relationship with their partners. It has become a valued and important part of their Partner Relations.


The site was launched successfully in October 2017. It provides vendors with all the advantages of the marketplace along with the ability to showcase their products and services. Vendor products are reviewed and qualified via the product approval workflow process before publishing to the Digital Exchange marketplace helping gain more credibility among clients

The corporate site flows into the Digital Exchange with catalog data synchronized between the two websites guiding consumers to become sales qualified leads. Leads are tracked and structured with the HubSpot CRM integrated flow. “We're a large Industrial Software company that has many third-party partners, integrators and distributors that provide add-on software and services”, Raul continues. “We selected Irvine Software Company, and it was a critical selection in the success of the project.”

Irvine Software Company is a premier technology consulting firm specializing in web and application development, providing solutions to small businesses across the globe.