Configurable Common SMS For Various Event

Configurable Common SMS For Various Event
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In Common SMS, You can use HTTP API with Post Or Get Method provided by Any SMS Provider
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作成日: 3月 02,2017
最終更新日: 1月 28,2022

Providing SMS security updates and SMS authentication are easy to implement and help reduce the risk of identify theft or financial losses, for both you and your customers. Using SMS for security will also increase trust and give customers the confidence that you are the safer option compared to companies still putting their faith in email.

You can configure various message's text for customer's as well order's related event for send to Customer, Admin, Vendor in configuration area.
You can change message text as per your requirement at any time without customization.

You can also login with Mobile No.
You can use any token(As per NopCommerce Support) in message template configuration for send message to Customer, Admin, Vendor .

Customer, Admin, Vendor get message for customer's and order's related various event as per below.

1 Customer Registration
2 Password Change
3 Order Place
4 Order Cancel
5 Order Deliver
6 Order Shipment
7 Order Refund
8 Order Return Request
9 Login With Mobile Number

Configurable Common SMS , uses HTTP API provided by most of the SMS service providers. The plugin can use either of GET or POST API methods. This is a universal SMS service integration.

For GET Method, you can pass parameter information with URL like Example :

For POST Method, You can configure parameters information as per needed in post parameter configuration area.
You can also setting like parameter pass in header or body in http web request,

Common SMS plugin is also support OTP (One Time Password) functionality during Customer Login , Registration ,Update Mobile Number in his account area.

Customer Login, Verification using OTP.
Customer Registration, Mobile Number Verification using OTP.
Customer Update's His Mobile Number, Mobile Number Verification using OTP.
Customer Login With Mobile Number.

You can also set OTP Token Expire Time. After expire, That OTP is not work.

You can see more details with image on below link.

I have also provide one API Method in Common SMS Plugin. Using this you can send SMS from Third Party Application as below.

Service API URL : http://YourDomainName/SMSAPI/SendSMS OR https://YourDomainName/SMSAPI/SendSMS

Parameter : {"Token":"ed50cc24-cf65-0971-795f-e4fa2261c3de","MobileNumber":"1234567890","MessageText":"Hello"}

You can generate and configure token value in Common SMS Plugin and this token should use for send SMS from Third Party Application

Update order Notes on each message like customer as well as admin.
IF any query or issue , freely please send me mail on [email protected]

sofland 2021/12/16 4:00
Great improvement to my website. A lot of features, with excellent support.
This plugin is surprisingly exceed our expectation.
It has a lot of features and options to make a work flexible.
The support team is expert, and ready to help and explain when needed.
We heighly recommend it, thanks for your support and time.
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Thanks for appreciate my plugin as well as my work..
abdullahbinhasan 2021/12/05 5:14
Perfectly Working as described, Highly recommended.
This plugin is working perfectly out of the box.
The developer is also a very supportive person who promptly respond to any query as soon as possible. he helped me to implement the plugin with our local SMS gateway provider and is always happy to help.
Thank you for the plugin and your support.
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Thanks for appreciate my plugin as well as my work..
weworkfromvillage 2020/11/06 5:39
Excellent plugin and after support!
This plugin fulfilled our need, we wanted quick solution for SMS notifications, had limited time to modify or customize the code, so we purchased this plugin in very reasonable price and in a day we were able to use SMS notification functionality! And the support from Mr. Rakesh was amazing, he invested his time to resolved some of our queries. He provided excellent support to integrate this plugin.
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Thanks for appreciate my plugin as well as my work..