Employee list

Employee list
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List your employees along with contact info and details
拡張機能の取得 このプラグインをダウンロードは、開発者のWebサイトにで行われますので、自動的にリダイレクトされます
サポートバージョン: 4.20, 4.30
作成日: 6月 10,2020
最終更新日: 6月 11,2020

This is a nopCommerce widget plugin for managing employee info for displaying on your nopCommerce public site, e.g. name, title, image, email, phone number, etc.

The plugin lists employees by department, and supports both unpublishing employees as well as indicating that they have left your company (work started as well as work ended fields).
Custom display order is also available, with alphabetical order being the default.

It behaves similarly to nopCommerce core plugins. It has Admin area menu entries for accessing the functionality, but if you are logged on and have the appropriate ACL rights to manage employees you'll also have a Manage this page link in the administration header.

The plugin has it's own ACL rights (ManageEmployees and ManageDepartments) which need to be assigned to the appropriate customer role(s).

You can take a look at the demo site for an example or take a look at the source code on GitHub.

This is a completely free plugin, so any requested support or change requests will be managed accordingly. However, the plugin is live on an actual site and will be maintained.

ssmersin 2020/12/04 15:25
Very good idea
Thank you for this awesome plugin.
First I have an issue to use the plugin but after that it is really perfect.
Note for Users : After activate the plugin goto
   - Admin Panel / Configuration / Access Control List
And give ManageEmployees & ManageDepartments to Administrators

After that u will have a great Employee List.
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