External Authentication Plugin (By NopAdvance)

External Authentication Plugin (By NopAdvance)
This plugin allows customers to register on the store nopCommerce store using social network accounts. It provides authentication with Facebook, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Twitter and Amazon.
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サポートバージョン: 4.50
作成日: 8月 06,2022
最終更新日: 8月 08,2022

External Authentication

External Authentications plugin allows customers to register and authenticate on the store using a social network account. It allows store owners to integrate social login authentication into your website. It provides external authentication with Facebook, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Twitter and Amazon.

Key Notes

1To install the External Authentication plugin, first, uninstall default Facebook authentication & Facebook Pixel plugins from your nopCommerce store.

2To disable the External Authentication plugin go to Configuration > Local plugin, find the External authentication plugin and click on the edit option and uncheck the enable option.

3For Multi-store configuration, you have to add a different App Key, Secret Key, Client Id, or client secret key for each store.


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Supported nopCommerce version 4.50

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