FM Form Builder

FM Form Builder
The FM Form Builder plugin makes it possible to easily add forms via a JSON configuration objects and a Widget.
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サポートバージョン: 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50
作成日: 5月 14,2018
最終更新日: 6月 10,2022

Easy Customized Forms

Easily create forms in several formats to save the time of manually creating them. Currently the FM Form Builder supports two generic form layouts, a standard form layout as well as a tabbed layout for larger forms or wizards. The builder supports Twitter Bootstrap for generating responsive form content using their wide variety of custom Css classes for ultimate versatility. It also features Knockout.js validation to make sure you are getting the content you need from your customers, from simple required fields to more complex validation requirements.

Simple Data Management

Each form has a corresponding page for viewing submission data at-a-glance in a pop-up modal along with direct access to any upload files. Providing each form it's own view makes it easy to find the data you need for the form data you are reviewing. The FM Form Builder also support Excel export with a simple button click.

Customized Emails

Manage form submission notifications through a wide variety of plug-in settings. Control whether to send external confirmation email or internal notification emails. Dynamically assign the ReplyTo address or use the intelligent defaults. Control the email subject and body content to suit each unique form. The Form Builder also support token replacement in the email body to create customized message for your clients.  Supports dynamic notification email recipients based on drop-down or checkbox selections. Emails will condense the form data into a table format for quick review.

Detailed Documentation

Working with JSON objects may seem complex, but we provide almost 30 pages of easy-to-read documentation covering every aspect of the plug-in configuration. Don't feel overwhelmed, it covers many settings and options that are unnecessary for most forms, but are there if you need them. This also includes sample JSON objects for every type of element supported, including Google ReCaptcha and custom, multi-browser supported DateTime pickers. Every JSON object property is detailed in full to help you unleash the full power of the plug-in. We also provide full JSON code sample to get up and running in no time.

Marketing Integration

The FM Form Builder has support for submitting data to both the Salesforce and Act-On customer relationship management system. In the options for each form are configurable options for submitting form data directly through their respective APIs. Using these systems you can automate your marketing efforts by storing and managing potential customer information.