Live Chat Plugin using any, Zopim etc.

Live Chat Plugin using any, Zopim etc.
4.7 23
Message Your Visitors in Real Time. is a free messaging app that lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your website or from a free customizable page.
拡張機能の取得 このプラグインをダウンロードは、開発者のWebサイトにで行われますので、自動的にリダイレクトされます
サポートバージョン: 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40
作成日: 1月 21,2016
最終更新日: 3月 13,2021
Author : Md.Minul Islam Sohel
Suitable for : All
Supported versions : nopCommerce 4.40.x,4.30,4.20,4.10,4.00,3.90,3.80,3.70,3.60,3.50,3.40
Supported browsers : It will support all the browsers.
Live Chat


  • Download Extension and extract file.
  • Copy 'Widgets.BsLiveChat' folder and paste to '~/Plugins/' folder.
  • Reload the 'list of plugins' in Admin panel and Install '.BsLiveChat' Plugin
  • Activate the plugin with 'Edit' option
  • After Installing live Chat plugin, admin panel autometicly added local Plugin section.
  • For live chat Need to accont on "" and they provide script code.
  • Provided Scripts store on (sites & Page/manage sites/"widget" column./).
  • Copy this code Script and goto admin panel livechat plugin , click configure and past script code in to text field
  • Click On Save Button
  • Go to Home page and
  • See the chatbox window lower right corner
  • Enjoy this Plugin
Marco Alex 2019/07/17 11:30
Gran complemento
Excelente plugin,funcionó a la primera en la version 4.1, esto sorprendido!!!
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Tokaichan 2019/06/21 23:24
Great Chat Plugin
I have been using 3.9 and 4.1 works great. Waiting for 4.2
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Thanks. You will get 4.20 soon.
groundzero2010 2019/06/19 11:16
Great working app! Update to 4.20?
This is a great working plugin. I've used with version 4.10 and now looking forward to an updated version to work with 4.20!
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Thanks. 4.20 will be published soon.
iseneggert 2018/07/20 3:02
1st choice chat plugin is a very easy to use chat plugin. The installation on nop 4 was done like a charm.

Thank you Sohel for this excellent plugin!
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You are most welcome.
khaledjaoua 2018/03/22 8:26
Easy to use and to install. it helps me to help costumer during their navigation in the website. they ask question and get response immediately.
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Thanks for your feedback!!!
Russell 2018/02/10 23:47
Excellent plugin
Really Excellent plugin. Work fine with nop 4.00. But I can't configure with 3.50. I've Copied 'Widgets.BsLiveChat' folder and paste to '~/Plugins/' folder. Then reload the 'list of plugins' in Admin panel. But nothing happened. Is there any extra configuration needed for nop 3.50?
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Thanks for using this.

Is there any extra configuration needed for nop 3.50? ==>No.

Make sure  you have copied the nop supported version 3.50.

jansip 2018/01/14 10:31
Ready set go :)
Hi all, got this working with no problem on my 4.0 version with nop-templates theme. Everything working smooth. Easy installation and setup. Awesome, thank you.
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Feeling happy to hear that. Thanks a lot!!!
atulrungta 2017/12/09 15:01
One of most useful plugin..
Hello Sohel,

I must say this is one of most useful thing on nopCommerce marketplace and I appreciate your endevour to maintain this so wisely.

Thank you for this,
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Thanks you very much!!!
IAmThatStrange 2017/09/15 7:30
Yes very excellent - use it
Excellent, easy to use from both ends (on the store and on  You can add images and files.  You can send a comment that is over 3000 characters, you can get a noise alert when a response happens (on either end, customer or person responding.  You can change much of the design and the settings.  You can email the entire chat (I've always had to copy and paste from the ones I've used on other sites).

To me impressive doesn't cover this.  It's so much better than any chat app I've used on sites like GreenGeeks, Petco, iPower and others.  

As other plugin developers can tell you I beat things up badly.  
How many bugs have I found here.... that would be none so far and I've been beating hard.

AND to top it all off.  Free.   There is a good chance that many universities will soon be using it with Nopcommerce.
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mcbrito2007 2017/04/19 20:41
Kkkkkkkk very bad
So I'm going to download and install a plugin like this that does nothing besides put the chat script in the page footer. Easier myself to open the VIEW HEAD or FOOTER and paste the script there.
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[email protected] 2017/02/03 6:16
Excellent plugin
Very easy to use, is free and looks really smart.

Amazing, thank you!
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mrrac 2016/12/18 12:25
Simple and it works!
Tested with nopCommerce 3.80.
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ornopcom 2016/12/08 19:53
A great plugin
This is a fantastic module to be installed on your portal. Though the only thing this plugin does it to include a javascript into the footer section. The javascript itself is amazing live chat with plenty of options to be configured from website.
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Jackluv 2016/11/22 9:30
Works Great!
Im shocked. Easy to install and very flexible to fit your needs.
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nada123456789 2016/09/27 2:41
Excellent plugin! Thanks for sharing!
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MBeckord 2016/09/20 11:27
Thanks for that great Plugin !!!!!!!

Easy to use an nice functions ;)
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vsurajevs 2016/04/03 6:06
It works
Quick and easy to start using.
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onebox 2016/03/15 21:55
It's very helpel
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dudico31 2016/02/24 7:40
wonderful and easy
Great plug in, superior support, 5 stars!!
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bwalmsley 2016/02/03 3:29
Excellent Plugin
Took only a few minutes to setup and is a fantastic addition to my multiple store setup.

The backend is easy to use and very configurable.  Already increased sales.
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ussamoo 2016/01/28 16:21
Thank you for this great plugin!!
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dianoche 2016/01/22 13:08
Thank You!
by the way thank you for the contribution:)
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dianoche 2016/01/22 10:24
content folder
where is the content folder?
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