marketplace made up of artisans, producers and farmers marketplace made up of artisans, producers and farmers
統計 #1
90 days for the site creation and implementation
統計 #2
7 supported languages
統計 #3
22 supported currencies is a marketplace for a co-operative society made up of artisans, producers, traders, farmers, charities, collectives and individuals, built to trade, help each other and serve customers.


  • Online store from scratch based on nopCommerce
  • Register and update user via API
  • Login with Facebook, twitter and Google+
  • Functionality allowing to exchange goods without using money. Customer can directly contact to another user and can offer goods to exchange
  • PayPal Adaptive payment (chained) plugin: the client required to use the chained method rather than the parallel method. This is important because the split and total number of receivers must be hidden from view from the customer
  • Customized admin interface for vendor and admin roles


Out-of-the-box functionality

  • Register/Update user via API
  • Multi-vendor: There are so many vendors on store and they can add their products by using their admin panel
  • Multi-language


  • Barter functionality to exchange goods without using money was implemented
  • Product video: an interface, where an admin/vendor can upload video which will be available on product details page was created
  • Back office changes. Huge customization for vendors:
    • Remove all tabs except Product descriptions and Pictures
    • Added new tab for video
    • Changed language tab into dropdown list
  • “My account” page was rearranged

  • Vendor image: interface from where Vendor can upload his picture and write about his business up to 500 characters was created
  • PayPal adaptive plugin: the plugin using PayPal APIs was built. Admin can set percentage in this plugin section and all parties will get money accordingly
    The setup will look like this:
    Customer pays $100 (100%)
    Party 1: Merchant receives $93 (93%)
    Party 2: Coop (website) receives $3.50 (3.5%)
    Party 3 receives $2.50 (2.50%)
    Party 4 receives $1 (1%)
  • Dispute functionality: customer can submit query for any disputed items and email will go to related vendor with keeping in CC to admin from order information page

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