NopTalk - Product|Customer|TierPricing Importer, Editor

NopTalk - Product|Customer|TierPricing Importer, Editor
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Automated Product And Customer Import tools allows you to synchronize product or customer import from external sources of wholesale partner into your nopCommerce online store. Bulk editor for Products, Categories, Manufacturers
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サポートバージョン: 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30
作成日: 9月 28,2015
最終更新日: 9月 06,2020

About NopTalk Pro

Stop importing your products or customers one by one and import them all at once. NopTalk PRO allows you to easily upload your product or customer information into your nopCommerce store.

Save yourself hours with this module and make inventory management a breeze.

Simply match the tags from your XML/CSV/XLSX file to nopCommerce product fields to import your feed - thousands of products imported in one click!

It's easy to migrate from any other platform to nopCommerce - as long as you can get a XML/CSV/XLSX file from your old system, this tool can import it to nopCommerce. Or you can use it to set up multiple shops with ease. This is also good for daily updates from suppliers' feeds.

NopTalk Editor allows you to edit batches of products, categories and manufacturers quickly and painlessly directly on your store.

Download NopTalk Pro User Guide


System requirements

  • Windows;
  • .NET FrameWork 4.5.1;

NopTalk Performance tests

We have made performance tests. NopTalk and nopCommerce store were in the same server.

  • Insert of 10000 products without images takes ~5 minutes.
  • Update of 10000 products without images is takes ~ 4 minutes.

Vendors templates

There are already configured mapping for these vendors data feeds:

  • AliExpress;
  • Brands Distribution;
  • Materhorm;
  • BigBuy.
  • XML
  • CSV
  • XLSX

New Features

  • Translate texts (Name, description, attributes, categories) to from to any language with Microsoft Api translator;
  • Pictures resizer;
  • Run custom SQL queries before/after import;
  • Email notifications about import results;
  • MySQL support;
  • WishList Import;


  • Products Import;
  • Customers Import;
  • Customer Addresses Import.
  • Tier Pricing Import;
  • Categories Import;
  • WishList Import;
  • Pictures Import;
  • Attributes Import;
  • Specification Attributes Import;
  • Customer Roles Import;
  • Product Settings Import;
  • Stock Update;
  • Product Bulk Edit;
  • Categories Bulk Edit;
  • Manufacturer Bulk Edit;
  • Import from multiple Suppliers;
  • Support formats XML/CSV/XLS/XLSX;
  • Reading supplier file from FileSystem/HTTP URL/FTP or Web services;
  • Map fields as you want;
  • Specify the meta data, default value, short description, full description and others fields;
  • Concatenate multi suppliers fields to one product field.
  • Filter products. Import only these products that you want - e.g., Where Quantity >0, Price less than 50, brand=Nike, type=Shirts;
  • Insert, update products;
  • Manage Suppliers list and theirs import tasks. One supplier can have multiple tasks. Example: One tasks for insert, another task for update. In each task can set filters for products that you want to import.
  • Set scheduler for importing individual per task;
  • Can set close store before import;
  • Modify the price field during import - e.g., add 21% to your supplier pricing or add fix price;
  • Import multiple top level categories and subcategories;
  • Split categories by delimiter;
  • Download remote images from path;
  • Does not require any particular field to be imported, only import the data you want to show in your store;
  • User guide document answering common questions. Click here to download.
  • Show importing logs and reports.

Product Bulk Editor

Categories Bulk Editor

[email protected] 2021/10/20 3:34
does it support Arabic
does this component support importing Arabic language fields such as name and description
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gas001 2021/06/09 7:06
Supported versions: 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30
このレビューは参考になりましたか? はい1 / いいえ0
sean lim 2020/09/01 20:58
Do you have a plan to upgrade 4.3 version
I am using nopcommerce 4.3 version.
Do you have a plan to upgrade 4.3 version?
Or Is it backward compatible?

Thank you
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Yes, the latest version already supports 4.3, only the plugin information has not been updated yet.
alqady 2020/05/14 17:49
Does not work on my device showing Windows error message
Does not work on my device showing Windows 10 error message
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Please send all error details to email: [email protected] -we will help to solve problems ASAP.
starlogic 2019/06/25 4:35
Missing many fields
I guess this app would help with import but the Product is missing many fields mapping like: IsRental, IsTaxExempt, IsDownload, BasepriceAmount and many many others.
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We always cooperate with our customers and customize the program according to their needs. If you need an additional fields or another new functionality, write us private message or email : [email protected]
Bianny 2018/08/06 7:57
Great Product!
I started looking into this application due to the need for mass uploads and updates to products. I needed some additional programming for it to accomplish what I was looking for and the programmer answered very quickly. He did the work with a great timeline and cost. I completely recommend this app, has great support!
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B2BMigration 2018/07/29 3:23
Works as expected. Support was really helpful!
We tried NopTalk for a couple of days and saw right away how much time and effort it saves. We did experience some minor issues with some product data we were importing but support took care of that within a very short period of time.
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MyMobileSales19 2018/04/09 9:28
Excellent work!!!
This guys are extremely helpful and fast on support. This app solved a big issue for me with the integration between my shop and my dropshipping provider. Very satisfied with the service.
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MikeCaldera 2016/08/31 10:54
works great uploading thousands of products
I needed a better solution than Nopcommerce admin excel upload panel and the rest of the extensions found here.

I have tried just about every trial software on nop but to no avail. I didn't want to mess with excel like other programs required. Excel is easy to make mistakes.

This product has saved me hours of fiddling with mapping with excel. Do it one time, a simple map with live showing of sample data. A numbering system for header fields no copy and paste!

If you want a easy solution to upload 100,000 bulk images and products at one time, then buy it.

Works perfect with xml file formats, and local excel file formats.

You only need your sql connection string and password to get started.
If you have any problems setting it up make sure your connection string is correct. That's it.
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dianoche 2015/11/17 18:06
when is will be released?
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