Payment Director

Payment Director
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Payment Director allows a store owner to conditionally determine which payment methods to show the customer and calculate additional payment fees.
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サポートバージョン: 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60, 4.70
作成日: 5月 25,2013
最終更新日: 5月 12,2024

Do you need to conditionally determine which payment methods to present to your customers? The Payment Director allows a store owner to calculate which payment methods and fees for complex scenarios by allowing conditional expressions to determine what payment methods apply, and expressions to calculate Fee and Name.
-Determine which payment methods to display.
-Display different methods for different types of customers, or based on items in cart, order total, selected shipping option, impersonation, credit card type, etc.
-Create variables for use in complex expressions. (including Reference type variables as NopC object shortcuts)
-Conditionally calculate the additional payment fee
-Show the customer a disabled payment option (cannot be selected) with text describing why
-Ability to evaluate expressions for payment method attributes Name Fee Show/Hide/Disabled
-Testing feature (allows selection of a customer/cart)
-Export/Import feature
-Errors are logged in System Log
-Support for multi-store (CurrentStoreId, CurrentStoreName)

You can download the trial version and it will allow up to 5 calculations in the public store, or you can use the “Test” button on the configuration page unlimited.  After you download the plugin, you can install it using your nopCommerce site Administration > Local Plugins > “upload a plugin or theme” button. 

Our documentation is provided in our blogs.  Feel free to contact us for support.  Give us your requirements, and we can create a sample configuration that you can import.  (Complex requirements may require an additional charge.)

daniel.walmsley 2023/07/06 18:17
A plugin we can't do without
The reliability and flexibility offered by this plugin is fantastic.

We use both payment director and shipping director. They are simply the best plugins we have purchased. Nothing comes close.

We're currently implementing our own plugin to add variable pricing based on product attributes. We now understand how much time payment director has saved us. Allowing similar logic to be implemented and changed on the fly. Compared to our own static code it's light years ahead.
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Artdtc 2020/09/30 8:24
Great flexibility in this plugin!
I just added Payment Director to my site.  I needed to hide a payment option based on category of product in cart.  I had no sooner installed and gotten it running when another request was made of me.  Being able to write the rules yourself is awesome!
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mokshasoft 2020/08/24 23:34
Excellent plugin but knowledge is needed
Ok, I've just bought this plugin and it works as described, in less than 10 minutes reading the example provided I already have got two very basic options running (to hide the CoD in case the customer selects to pay at the store, and to hide the pay in the store if the customer chooses the product to be delivered), and I can say that maybe the sky is the limit when it comes to setting options, at this point, is just awesome!

The only opportunity area I could say is that the building of a expression is all written, so, you need to know the system names that this plugin will understand, for instance, isn't the same "total" that "orderTotal" than "orderTotalExcludedFee" or "orderTotalExcludingFees", that means you can get this plugin in no time up and running, but running at what you need, probably will require a little bit of reading documentation and/or source code, and a cup of coffee, I guess this is not for someone who just want to deploy it's store and that's it.... So, it's really good, but be prepared to understand some stuff before.

What I'm gonna write now I know it could be really difficult, and possibly limit the plugin' potential, but it could be awesome if instead of write in a RAW way, you can "construct" the expression using some kind of "expression builder" like many software have, from outlook to devexpress, I assume it's kind of a bit of hardwork but the results could be even better than now.

But, for the results that actually delivers, I give this a five star recommendation!

Good work!
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Thank you for your favorable review.

Yes, creating more complex expression does "... require a little bit of reading documentation".  Fear not, our support team can can provide you the rules / expressions that you need - just ask :)   We can even provide a configuration file that you can import.

We have considered creating an "expression builder", but it would be challenging considering all the possibilities of writing query expressions (e.g. Any(), All(), etc.)
ashimaverma220580 2014/12/28 18:19
Excellent Plugin!
This is an excellent plugin to deal with different payment scenarios. NOPTOOL's support team is very professional and respond to queries very quickly. I highly recommend using all of their plugins as well as any professional services.
Thank you very much once again for such a great professional support!
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