Sharing Reward Points

Sharing Reward Points
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Offer share reward points with friends, ally, colleague and store owner allows you to display UI more than 15 different location of your store.
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サポートバージョン: 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20
作成日: 6月 14,2018
最終更新日: 1月 30,2020

nopCommerce Sharing Reward Points

The Sharing Reward Points Plugin provides functionality for share reward points with there friends, ally, colleague which have an account.Store owner can manage single UI more than 15 different location of your store, that the customer will attract towards your store. You can change location and design(color) of sharing reward points section from plug-in configure page.

It is a FREE plugin....

Sharing Reward Points Plugin Features

  • Share reward points with associate, colleague, friend, confederate, partner, supporter, accomplice, helper, which have an account with your store.
  • Customizable desing(color) for the sharing reward points.
  • Multi-store Supported.
  • This features will attract customer towards your store.
  • Open to enhance sharing Reward Points plug-in with other features, please suggest.

Installing Plugin

  • Download the plugin archive
  • Open a folder with your nopCommerce version. Put the directory 'RewardPoint.Sharing' into \Plugins directory on your server
  • Go to admin area > configuration > plugins and install the plugin
helzern 2022/02/21 15:15
Support for 4.4
Is there a version that supports nopCommerce 4.4?
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Hi helzern,
Really appreciate you have interest in this plugin. :-)
Sorry to say that right now i do not have any plan to upgrade for couple of week. Once  upgrade, i will share with you. If you need urgent than let me know  so i will provide you source code of 4.20.

Tecnofin 2021/02/20 19:35
Sharing Reward Points for v4.30
Are you still planning to release it for v3.40? Any ETA?
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Hi, are you talking about 4.30 or 3.40?
However, I will upgrade to 4.30 and 4.40 after release of 4.40.

hayko 2020/09/16 12:30
4.3 support
Hi, are you going too add support for version 4.3?
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yes support will be added in few days.
cdpack 2020/04/25 11:28
Widge select
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Yes it is widget and you can select widget from plugin configuration.
ivanvilla 2020/04/12 8:58
Excellent plugin to increase sales
Excellent plugin, works great. It allows you to retain customers and therefore increase sales.
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Thank you very much i also keep in mind for the next release with new feature like you explain me.
It really helps other if i implement like you said.
tavari 2020/04/02 7:44
referrer code
would you please answer my question that this plugin is able to cover my need:
do customer (referrer) and their invited customer (referee) friend both will get the reward points from invited customer purchases?
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There is no any functionality like you said but once i get time i will implement this too. It is quite interesting.

gerardteng 2019/06/13 4:46
Unable to Load on 4.1
I am having the same issue at the first reviewer. copied the plugin into the plugin folder and did not work. NopCommerce 4.10. Please help
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Added support with 4.10..!!
ivanvilla 2019/05/07 14:21
nopcommerce installation 4.10
Hi, I can't install the Sharing Reward Points plugin in nopcommerce 4.10, I copy it to the plugin folder then reload the plugin page but it is not displayed. Where am I doing wrong?
Thank you
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Ohk. Give me some time i will check and let you know.

Or I will give you another zip file for 4.1
hales 2018/07/13 13:51
small but innovative feature
I want this type of feature for our store.

It worked perfect with 4.0

You should add some of feature such as, limited to customer,admin can share reward points to bunch of customer at a time based on their orders and so on.
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Hello hales,

Thank you for your complement and time.

Definitely, i will look towards those feature and soon implement in SHARING REWARD POINT.