Tracking Code Manager (

Tracking Code Manager (
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Supports Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Dynamic Remarketing, transactions tracking, dynamic remarketing, custom conversion pixels, Criteo OneTag.
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サポートバージョン: 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
作成日: 4月 26,2017
最終更新日: 1月 01,2023

Tracking Code Manager

Tracking codes for Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, Google Dynamic Remarketing, transactions tracking, custom conversion pixels (FOXNETSOFT.COM)


Tracking code manager helps you to manage unlimited tracking codes and conversion pixels in one place.
You will be able to put your script wherever you want. You can select a place for codes inside the HTML page, ex. before/after <head> or <body> tags.

Plugin has several preconfigured templates:
1. Facebook Pixel (plugin added pixel on all necessary pages, etc. Order Completed page, products, categories, manufactures, vendors pages, Search page, Home page, Add to cart and Add to wishlist pages, Initiate Checkout and Complete Registration pages).
2. Plugin supports Facebook Pixel Dynamic Ads (content_ids and content_type). Plugin adds new custom tracking code 'ViewCategory' for advanced custom activity too.
You can read about custom tracking code on this page link.
3. Google Dynamic Remarketing (new format and old format)
4. Google Analytics
5. Google Ads tag
6. Google Tag Manager (plugin added all necessary information in dataLayer for all necessary pages, etc. Order Completed page, products, categories, manufactures, vendors pages, Search page, Home page, Add to cart and Add to wishlist pages, Initiate Checkout and Complete Registration pages)
7. Twitter universal website tag code (Twitter Pixel)
8. Criteo OneTag
9. Twenga Tracking Script
14. skroutz
15. Add custom tracking codes and scripts.

If you need we can add support of any your tracking script too free.
Plugin has several tokens for getting information about customer's order.


  • Support 14 preconfigure templates (Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, Google Dynamic Remarketing and etc.)
  • Support custom tracking codes
  • Select the place for tracking code
  • Support tokens for custom tracking codes (ex. OrderTotal, etc.)
  • Plugin has very good performance


Supported nopCommerce 4.60, 4.50, 4.40, 4.30, 4.20, 4.10

Fully localizable using extermal XML files

Multi-store support

Free Trial (15 days)

1 year free support and upgrades since purchase date

Performance optimization

Easy setup and customization

Fast support

About US

We did more than 95 plugins for nopcommerce during last three years. Check out portfolio.

alldogsoffroad 2023/03/14 15:36
Foxnetsoft Rules
Great plugins and excellent support.  We rely on Foxnetsoft plugins primarily and they are very well made.  Developer is very quick to respond to our inquiries.
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RobertEv 2022/12/21 2:35
Good service
Your services are great, just like your plugins!
This plugin is exactly what I wanted for my store.
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pdjuretic 2022/06/30 6:41
This plugin saves me a lot of time
Great plugin that allows you to create easy integrations with Facebook, Google, MailChimp and to track ads conversions easily. Instead of updating page-by-page manually with the code required for these integrations, you can do it with this plugin easily. It is really an excellent plugin, it saves me a lot of time!
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mkoeste 2022/03/17 10:52
Good plugin & perfect support!
Thanks to the fast and professional help of Foxnetsoft's support team, we were able to easily implement the connection of our Hotjar account.
Great! Thank you very much.
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ciussky 2022/01/23 3:48
Great plugin and support
Had a small issue and they solved it in no time. I recommend
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Aksel 2021/09/24 8:43
Good Plugin, Good Service
There was a problem on our website.
Thanks to Foxnetsoft, we could find out the problem and solved it.

Thanks again.
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aealden 2021/08/02 4:36
FoxNet cover pretty much all of our plugin needs
Brilliant plugins that take care of all the details and the support is simply second to none. Highly recommended
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agileworks 2021/04/22 13:01
Awesome support from Foxnet
We purchased this plugin and had some issues regarding combinations id's for facebook catalog. Thanks to their support we could solve them and let the customer create dynamic ads for retargeting based on the facebook shop catalog (created with another foxnet plugin, feed manager). Keep up the good work!
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nopradicode 2021/04/12 17:17
Highly Recommended
We use the plugin in several domains with no problem. The response of the support team is very fast on every request (fixes, explanations).
このレビューは参考になりましたか? はい1 / いいえ0 2021/01/29 5:35
Great plugin and support
We are using and implementing this plugin on several shops, and it is really amazing, as well as Foxnetsoft team support are absolutely great.
Warmly recommendation.
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GreatDane 2021/01/19 7:51
Google Analytics
I just installed this plugin and it works great.  Easy to setup and speeds up my site a bit.  I was using another plugin for Google Analytics, but in Page Speed, the Foxnetsoft plugin works faster.  I have moved most of my plugins to their versions, as they work great, have amazing tech support and worth every penny.
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blagovest.vp 2020/12/01 3:03
The developer's website doesn't startup
The developer's website doesn't startup
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Thank you, we restarted IIS application pool.
sshemtov 2020/03/09 14:16
Excellent Plugin & Even Better Support!
The plugin works very well, and best of all is the extremely responsive and quick support when requesting new features! The cost is a small price to pay for the breadth of features and support - I highly recommend this plugin and FoxNetSoft in general.
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xtsiliv 2019/10/06 11:23
Best support ever!
Foxnetsoft team is for 100 stars not only 5 stars! the plugin is excellent and the support amazing! all problems belongs to past after their support! Keep up the good work guys! thank you!
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cdl0759 2019/08/18 9:53
great servicers
I got a problem,get a wonderful suport.
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sshemtov 2019/07/09 9:27
Amazing Support!
FoxNetSoft has been so helpful in implementing features to improve plugins to meet our needs. I highly recommend working with them!
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ajmurray3 2019/04/04 23:13
Foxnetsoft is effing awesome
I have just enough self-taught programming knowledge to be dangerous so I was mucking about at first. Then I just used the pre-configured tacking codes with instant success using Facebook pixel, Google Adwords and tag manager scripts. Perfect. Then you can modify as necessary. I could not be happier. Thank you.
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nopgre 2019/02/15 8:44
Time Saver
Another great plugin from FoxNetSoft
Great time saver, really helps to put tracking code to your websites easily and you can mange it all from one place, and as usual great support to get things set up, very creative developer.
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Dimerce 2019/02/13 3:38
Great service!
We asked to help us out with some extra tokens to set up our e-commerce tracking for Google. Within a working day everything was arranged and the updated plug-in runs smoothly!
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t.willems 2018/11/29 3:20
One of the best nop Developer
no matter if we needed a new plugin or support for existing plugins, foxnetsoft has always supported us professionally and fast. We use the Feed manager, the tracking code manager, the manomano connector, PayPal plus and the Content Manager. All plugins are very good.
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Zyje_sobie 2018/10/30 6:35
Great Support!
We work with Foxnet few years (many their plugins). Always if we have problem, help is easy and fast. Sometimes i have problem with writing in weekend / sunday, because i knew they answer me and start working...  It's insane ;)

I really like this vendor, lot's of they stuff it's that what we need.
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[email protected] 2018/10/27 2:32
Awesome flexibility and great after-sales support
We evaluated a number of tracking managers and finally settled on this one because of it's comprehensive out-of-the box support for major providers. This allowed administrators to set up tags in a single, consistent interface, rather than requiring development or multiple plugins to cover all our needs. We are extremely happy with this choice and have not looked back since.

On top of that, the custom tags option has allowed us to move beyond the standard tracking providers, allowing us to do additional customisation that would otherwise have required customer-specific development.

Support is fast, friendly and helpful, and has been a pleasure to deal with.
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[email protected] 2018/09/26 3:18
Excellent Product backed up by Helpful Support
Well done Foxnetsoft. This plugin now enables the business team to install tags and pixels without bugging our developers every time.

The plug and play Facebook pixel and events feature is particularly useful.

Credit to the team for the support they gave us during setup, were back in touch within hours with solutions.

Happy to give our recommendation for this plugin.
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Powertex1 2018/08/17 8:45
Great products, great support
Been using FoxNetSoft plugins for years. The plugins are well written and run efficiently. I always have confidence in using products form FoxNetSoft. In addition, I recently needed a minor update to the Google Tag Manager for a client and I had the update within a few hours, done right and no questions asked. Really impressed!
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roger99 2018/08/03 3:50
Great support!
Exceptionally good support! Had some trouble with installation (my mistake), but got quick and very helpful support from the developer!

Plugins looks to be working very well also
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it-webdev 2018/04/11 1:00
Great Support with no extra cost and very fast.
They have developed new templates for Criteo, and Skroutz with no extra cost and very fast.
Their support is excellent even in the smallest detail.
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netpotential 2017/10/11 16:37
Awesome support! Requesting new feature/functionality is almost no hassle at all
As the titles says. We've requested for support on an additional support feature/functionality which was not yet present in the plugin and the process was just straightforward and flawless!
このレビューは参考になりましたか? はい0 / いいえ0
it-webdev 2017/06/13 6:45
Prompt Support, Good Plugin
I needed a modification of the plugin fucntionality that came very fast and with well support.
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