JobScheduler(basis on plugin

JobScheduler(basis on plugin
A job scheduler plugin, like nopcommerce schedule task.
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Supported versions: 3.90 , 4.10
Created: May 28,2017
Last updated: September 11,2018

基于quartz.net的任务调度插件,可通过配置cron表达式来决定任务的执行方式。 Based on the task scheduling plugin, you can configure the cron expression to determine the execution mode of the task. 目前我仅仅添加了数据库备份任务和一个测试任务,你可以自己写自己需要的任务。 For now I added a database backup task and a test task, you can write your own tasks. 您可以在生产环境中使用它或用于学习。 You can use it in a production environment or for learning.

For more information and source code you can visit the GitHub page: