Nop Bluedart Vinecullum

Nop Bluedart Vinecullum
This plugin helps you dispatch the order placed on NOP through bluedart using vineculum API.
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Supported versions: 4.10
Created: February 15,2019
Last updated: February 15,2019

Nop Commerce Plugin For Shipping Provider BlueDart Using

VineRetail Api
Target Framework
DotNet Core 2.1
Plugin Description

This plugin is a shipping provider for BlueDart.This Plugin uses Viniculum VineE retail api through which it creates,cancels an order placed on Nop commerce.We have also provided return product functionality for shipments which are already created and view to select whhich shipments to return and also cancel order functionality for order whose shipments are not created yet. This Plugin also syncs store inventory everyday with the inventory on vine e-retail platform which is linked to Bluedart.

Installation Instructions

  • Add the dll provided by us in Nop.Web>Plugins>bin Project Folder and copy the folder in Nop.Web>Plugins and from admin either install the plugin or either edit the installed.json file.
  • Fill the Bluedart and license key information in plugin configuration page from Admin>Configuration>Plugins
  • For PreOrder Functionality select the Available For PreOrder setting, BackOrders select option 'Allow Backorder with quantity below 0' also set Stock quantity equal to 0
  • When you will provide inventory on vine Retail then with next inventory sync all the preorder placed will be sent to bluedart for dispatch and preorder setting will be reverted back order setting will also be set to no order