Nop Mautic

Nop Mautic
This plugin integrates the Nop commerce events with Mautic for various campaigns
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Supported versions: 4.10
Created: February 21,2019
Last updated: February 22,2019

Nop Commerce Plugin For Nop Commerce Integration With Mautic

Target Framework
DotNet Core 2.1

Plugin Description

This Plugin is For Integrating Your Ecommerce App with Mautic.This Plugin has implemented feature of Abandoned Cart where if a customer has added items to his shopping cart and not ordered anything for one hour then it sends information of abandoned cart to mautic where you can customize your own drip campaign This plugin submits a form when the customer abandons his cart and based on that you could add lead to segments run campaigns on contacts present in those segments.The Reward Points syncing is also done with mautic. This Plugin has also implemented the functinality of notifying mautic about the Birthday of the lead by which we can run our own drip campaign for leads whoose birthday is within 15 days plus the plugin also syncs contact when a new customer contact is added to your website.

Plugin Requirements

  • Your Mautic Installation should have Mautic Api Library Installed and In your mautic configuration Oauth2 Credentials needs to be created and filled up in plugin configuration page which you can open from admin
  • Add the Mautic Plugin( by directly copying it in mautic plugins folder and Install it from mautic plugins menu
  • Add the Custom Fields from Custom Field Menu in Mautic with their respective alias
    • Delivered Items ,Alias - delivered_items
    • Cart Items,Alias - cart_items
    • Birthday Coupon Code, Alias - birthday_coupon_code
    • Coupon Code, Alias - coupon_code
    • Has50PercentPoints - has50percentpoints
  • The fields description for the forms created in mautic is as follows:
    • Abandoned Cart Form Fields: Send Mail At, Coupon Code, Form Submission Time, Cart Total, Cart Total Items, Email, Cart Items.
    • Add To Birthday Segment Form: Birthday Coupon Code, Email.
    • Remove from Birthday Segment Form: Email.
    • Add to Incomplete Profile Segment Form: Email.
    • Remove from Incomplete Profile Segment Form: Email.
    • No Abandoned Cart Form: Order Number,Email.
    • Shipment Delivered to Customer Segment Form: Email, Order Items, Order Id.