nopAccelerate (Apache Solr integration plugin for nopCommerce)

nopAccelerate (Apache Solr integration plugin for nopCommerce)
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nopAccelerate is a must have plugin for serious retailers using nopCommerce. It enhances your site's full text search results, filters, store performance, response time and make it easy to scale without adding new additional hardware. 10 Days Free Trial
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Supported versions: 3.90 , 4.00 , 4.10
Created: April 02,2013
Last updated: July 13,2019

nopAccelerate integrates Apache Solr with nopCommerce. It enhances your site's full text search results and offers faster faceted navigation. It also helps to make your site fast by improving your store back-end application performance, make it more reliable & easier to scale.

nopAccelerate is performance related plugin for nopCommerce store that is suitable for serious retailers that wants faster, scalable, reliable & more profitable e-commerce store. nopAccelerate is used with stores of all sizes from 100 products to millions of products. With this plugin, we have made nopCommerce to support millions of product very easily. The largest site using our plugin has appx. 22 million products.

Faster site = More revenue

We all know that nobody likes to buy from a slower e-commerce site. And one of the easiest way to improve your sales & conversion rate is making your site faster. Now you can do it very quickly & reliably.

nopAccelerate can help you earn more revenue (and save some money too ) by:

  • Making your site respond very fast (Improving response time - It improve your back-end application performance and not just front-end performance)
  • Improving your conversion ratio, as people buy more from faster sites
  • Bringing you more traffic, by helping you improve your site rank in Search Engines as Google now considers Speed as a ranking factor
  • Improving search-ability of your site (Better & faster full text search with support for language analysis, stop words, custom rankings, sponsored search, etc.)
  • Scaling your store, as you can now serve more visitors using same hardware
  • Offering faceted searching & navigation so visitors finds products they're looking for more quickly
  • Making your customers happy by improving your store in numbers of ways (and happier customers visit site more frequently, buy more, and recommends it too.)

The nopAccelerate plugin is:

  • Well Documented and Professionally Supported (Review Getting Started documentation)
  • Actively developed (faster bug fixes, adding new features & more performance optimization with each release)
  • Easy to install, you can start using in less than 30 minutes
  • Easy to use & configure
  • Offers 15 day free trial
  • Compatible with CDN network
  • Comes with Open / Editable View Files
  • Compatible with Nop-Templates's themes. Comes with separate styles for all Nop-Template's themes
  • Can be installed without any down time
  • Also available with Source Code at additional price
  • Comes with free personalized performance optimization analysis & guidelines for front end speed optimization worth USD 250
  • We also help you load test your site using Professional tools to help you find your site capacity before and after nopAccelerate installation
  • nopAccelerate pays for itself well within a first few weeks of installation by helping you improve your store’s revenue

For more details visit us at: If you have any question or comments, feel free to contact us.