nopAccelerate CDN (Free CDN Plugin for nopCommerce)

nopAccelerate CDN (Free CDN Plugin for nopCommerce)
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Make your nopCommerce website load fast. Integrates CDN with nopCommerce to load static resources from CDN network.
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Supported versions: 3.90 , 4.00 , 4.10 , 4.20
Created: April 16,2013
Last updated: August 23,2019
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Integrate your nopCommerce store with Content Delivery Network (CDN) with ease with this FREE nopCommerce CDN Plugin. The nopAccelerate CDN takes the technical bite out of getting your store set up with a powerful CDN. It will work with any CDN Provider that supports Pull Zone Configuration.

The integration of a CDN into your website remains one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve web performance. nopAccelerate CDN Plugin supports several CDN service providers and makes the integration into the nopCommerce simple.

Your site will benefit with improved page load time utilizing CDN network for loading static resources and also decreases your server load dramatically.

Benefits of using CDN:

  • Faster Page Loads
  • Faster delivery of Static Content
  • Lower network latency and packet loss
  • Higher Availability
  • Decrease server load
  • Reduce Bandwidth Usage

nopAccelerate CDN Plugin Features:

  • Supports Multi-Store nopCommerce with separate CDN URL for each stores
  • Supports any CDN that support Pull Zone
  • Supports Azure CDN as well as Azure Blob Storage Container
  • Easy to Install & Configure
  • Load all Product, Category & Manufacturer images from CDN
  • Support Multiple Hostnames as CDN URL
  • Fully compatible with nopAccelerate (Apache Solr Integration Plugin)


This plugin is released for free by courtesy of nopAccelerate. Please feel free to visit us for more nopCommerce Performance Optimization plugins & nopCommerce Development services.