NopAdmin for nopCommerce Administration Tools

NopAdmin for nopCommerce Administration Tools
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NopAdmin makes it easy and efficient to administer stores, products, drag and drop images to your store, assign items to categories by dragging and dropping, create product relationships and more
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Supported versions: 3.90 , 4.00 , 4.10 , 4.20
Created: August 13,2013
Last updated: September 24,2019

 NopAdmin is the most complete, intuitive and easy to use tool available for nopCommerce stores!  We've been developing NopAdmin since nopCommerce version 1.60, so we've added tons of functionality that will save you countless hours in loading and maintaining your nopCommerce store:

Product Bulk Edit screen
- Update your product data in one screen 
- Updates are performed in real time when you change rows
- Easily maintain Product Name, Short Description, Price, Old Price, Weight, Length, Height, Published, SKU, and more by default
- Includes a column chooser to allow you access to show all product table fields not shown by default
- When using the column chooser you can now create and name your custom grid layouts for easy reference

Category Import from Excel 

  • Upload unlimited category names
  • Create and assign parent/child category relationships up to 15 levels deep!
  • Upload an image for each category
  • Upload the display order value for each category
  • Preview mode ensures your spreadsheet will work the first time
  • Includes a category import template to get you started quickly
  • Test mode simulates the category upload to ensure the correct results when you upload for real
Multi Language, with more translation languages and money-making opportunities for you!
Available in English, Portuguese, French, Dutch,  Danish, and Italian Languages

Product  Cross Sell Manager
- Create and maintain cross sell relationships between products to suggest other products at checkout

Create a Named Profile for each Database Connection  

Now you can create and store a name for each database connection (test database vs. prod database) for each nopCommerce store - allowing you to easily switch databases you are pointing NopAdmin without having to remember or re-type the database name, server name, user name and password!

Product Multi Language Support in Product Editing  

This is a huge new feature for multi-national stores that offer products in more than one language.  Now you can edit these values for each language in one easy to use product edit screen!

  • product name
  • short description
  • fulll description
  • meta keywords
  • meta title
  • meta description
  • search engine name
  • product variant name
  • product variant description

Upload and Maintain Product Multi Languages in an Excel Import 
Since you can upload and maintain your primary product data in Excel, it makes sense to offer the same capability for your multi-language product descriptions!
Now you can upload and maintain these fields for each language by SKU in an Excel Upload:

  • product name
  • short description
  • fulll description
  • meta keywords
  • meta title
  • meta description
  • search engine name
  • product variant name
  • product variant description

Upload and Assign Unlimited Images, Unlimited Categories, and Manufacturers in Excel

This is a NopAdmin exclusive that will save you hours and potentially days of time! We've added the capability to upload and assign unlimited images, assign categories and subcategories, and assign manufacturers in an Excel import.  Now you can have the ability to configure the major elements of any NopCommerce store using only Excel and NopAdmin. 

If you uploaded these in NopCommerce, you would still be left with the task of assigning categories, uploading images and assigning manufacturers manually. If database space is limited and you configure your NopCommerce store to store your images as files, we create your images as files on your computer for you to upload later.

Upload Product Attributes and Specifications
Now you can upload product attributes and specifications from Excel.    This is a NopAdmin exclusive that you won't find anywhere else!


Upload Product Tier Prices From Excel
Now you can save all of your existing tier prices with their associated product variant (sku)  or export all of your products skus, add your tier prices and upload them into your nopCommerce store using nothing more than Excel and NopAdmin. 


Product Maintenance

NopAdmin provides you with full product maintenance capabilities.   Every field in the product table as well as categories, specifications and attributes are available for editing in an intuitive tabbed interface.

Incredibly Easy Product Images Uploads

"Drag and Drop" images from your computer or camera directly to your store!  Now you can quickly assign unlimited images to each product with a few clicks of a mouse.  By using the "drag and drop" method you'll be able to tie images to your products in a fraction of the time the same process would take you thru the NopCommerce administration site! 

Drag and Drop Multiple Product  - Category Assignment

Let's face it - assigning products to the proper category can take time - and a lot of it - if you do it through the standard NopCommerce administration site.

NopAdmin allows you to literally drag and drop multiple products at once to the right category or subcategory using an intuitive tree view.  Just find the products you want to assign, click and hold, and drag-drop them on the category or subcategory they belong to.  It's that easy!

Drag and Drop Multiple Product  - Manufacturer Assignment

Like the Drag and Drop Category Assignment above, NopAdmin allows you to literally drag and drop multiple products at once to the right manufacturer using an intuitive tree view.  Just find the products you want to assign, click and hold, and drag-drop them on the manufacturer they belong to.  It's that easy!

Category and Subcategory Management

Now you have full category and subcategory management capabilities on one screen: 

  • Add new top level (root) categories with a right click of the mouse
  • Add new subcategories with a right click of a mouse
  • Rename categories and subcategories
  • Delete categories and subcategories as well as the product mappings for the deleted category with a right click of a mouse

Manufacturer Management
Add, change and delete manufacturers on a single screen

Mass Administration Utilities
Perform mass administration functions from NopAdmin like delete all images, delete all image maps, delete products without varaints, delete varaints without products, delete all products, delete manufacturer mappings and more!

Drag and Drop Related Products

NopAdmin makes it incredibly easy to create your related products relationships!  Like the Drag and Drop Category Assignment (above), you can simply drag and drop any product to product you want to relate it to in a matter of seconds.    If you have a lot of products, you can easily find your products and relationships by filtering on product name, sku, or price.

Foolproof Excel File Product Data Import

Have several hundred or thousands of products to maintain, or are loading your store for the first time from an extract out of another system?   Our improved Product Import feature allows you to rapidly add or change data on your products.  

Unlike the import feature in NopCommerce, you can 'simulate' the import as many times as you like to give you a chance to correct any data validation problems, such as a non-numeric price.   It does data validation to make sure the data you're sending will 'work' in your store.   If it does find an error, the Product Import will tell you exactly which line it's on.

Manage Local and Remote NopCommerce Stores

NopAdmin can be used in either local or remote mode, allowing you to connect to NopCommerce databases that you are configuring for the first time on your local SQL server or are maintaining live stores on remote servers.  One simple  database configuration screen is all you need to change - and the licensing doesn't change regardless of whether you are working in local or remote mode.

For more information and to purchase, please visit

If you have problems or questions while using NopAdmin, please feel free to email [email protected], skype us at Id nopamdin, or chat with us immediately on our Live Support feature on  All support is always FREE whether you are a FREE, trial or licensed version user.


jjthebig1 5/14/2018 1:01 PM
Good when it works but buggy
It's mostly a good app for quickly editing product data as the admin portal in Nopcommerce is slow and not set up for fast entry. Two drawbacks to this is 1) it is very buggy and crashes with unhandled exceptions, and 2) there is no import for specification attributes.

I sent an email to support more than a week ago about a but and no reply yet. I guess there is no support for this.

I try to get as much use out of it but without them fixing bugs it's not worth the money.
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paul.g 1/2/2018 9:26 AM
Worse I've ever seen
Sorry guys, but this software really weird, I really like idea itself, but in terms of performance and usability it is much easier to use nopCommerce admin. Software is slow features like list of products are missing, how to use "edit bulk" if I should search for product. The whole UI comes from mid 90's which is hard to understand.
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NopAdminSupport 3/19/2017 9:42 AM
Category Management
Hi MazMart,

I apologize for the issues you experienced with category management feature of NopAdmin.  I agree completely with your inquiry about why you can't export your own categories.  We can add that functionality once future development of NopAdmin begins again.  I would also like to address your following points to help clear up any confusion.  

During your test you mentioned that you created a couple of test root categories and deleted them, expecting all of the sub categories attached to those roots to also be removed, and you found that NopAdmin did not remove them.   In both NopAdmin and nopCommerce category management, deleting a parent category does not delete all subcategories recursively by design.  In fact could be very dangerous functionality if one did not understand the repercussions of deleting a parent category.  Imagine the repercussions if you have products tied to the categories that were deleted as well.

By default the NopAdmin does place the category on the home page by setting ShowOnHomePage to true when a new category is created.    That functionality should be changed as well as nopCommerce does not set the Show On Home Page checkbox to true.  I apologize for that incorrect setting.  

Regarding your last point about publishing a new category when it is created, nopCommerce category management has the same functionality.  By default, nopCommerce category management also checks the Published checkbox to true.   Also, when the category management of NopAdmin is in tree view, the window pane at the right allows easy access to all of the category fields to change any setting, here again the same as nopCommerce.

NopAdmin is NOT at all intended to be a replacement for nopCommerce administration.  NopAdmin contains some of the product, category, image, store, manufacturer and other functionality that nopCommerce administration performs, and provides additional functionality that nopCommerce does not in some areas.  Category management is only one area, and again I apologize if your experience was not as you expected.   If you have further questions or comments I would ask that you email [email protected]<dot>com so we can address them individually.  Thank you!
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mazmart 3/7/2017 6:03 PM
Dangrous utility - Especially for categories...

I have an established store, many categories already.
I need to create more. (Many more)

I see the excel template that is provided by the NOPAdmin tool, but I don't understand how the sample data maps to how my data is laid out.  In other words....

Why can I not EXPORT my existing categories and then see how that maps in the Excel sheet?!

I don't get why this isn't possible?  Are there not users that get this tool after years of inserting data and then need to build on what they created?

So, I just tried to import the sample category excel template so that I could visualize the result on the site.

I thought I would then go and delete the two root categories and then they would go away.


Deleting the root categories placed all the subordinates on the HOME PAGE!!!
I had to go into the web /admin interface and MANUALLY DELETE THEM ONE BY ONE!!!!

then, in my SECOND attempt at editing categories by hand, from within the NOPAdmin utility....

Creating a subcategory in the tree, ACTUALLY PUBLISHES IT LIVE ON THE SITE!!!
No chance to edit offline, it just put out a BLANK category, PUBLISHED immediately on the site!!!!

What is this utility for?!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, someone answer that.
How is this tool useful?  I'm morbidly curious.
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zaf 11/5/2016 2:14 PM
How to get into nopAdmin?
How to access nopAdmin? How to get into nopAdmin? What should I use in Server Name / User ? And which password do I have to use? Thanks.
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StephDep 7/9/2016 9:45 AM
Application doesn't start
After a successful install and entering db conn settings, etc nothing happens when the application is started.
No logs, nothing in eventvwr ...
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cauut47 7/16/2015 2:49 AM
nopadmin 3.5
where i can download the NopAdmin version 3.50?
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MSTsrl 12/20/2014 6:04 AM
Old version
How can i download the v3.40 version?
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gbsmtl 3/19/2014 3:15 PM
I had a problem with my installation, and this man Shawn from NopAdmin help me until problem was solve!

I gave him access in my computer and we fixed it. I think it was more a user problem but he didn't care he helped me. Now I'm working with it and I'm totally happy.

I had a full support within the hour!

I have a lot of site that are going to be on Nop 3.2 and more then 5k products to manage, Nop Admin is a must.

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mattbrummett 8/16/2013 1:04 PM
update on Firewall port for this program...
After trial and error I found that you need to allow TCP connections to server port 60779 for the program nopadmin.exe.

After I enabled this everything is secure, connected and kickin' into gear! Thanks again Shawn for a valuable tool.
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mattbrummett 8/14/2013 12:04 PM
perfect timing!
I am putting the finishing touches on my NC3.1 site and was contemplating how I could easily add all my products to get the site live today. This is a great admin console from my experience with it in previous versions and now that it's released for nc3.1 I'm even more excited to get my products in and finish this site up. Great work and great timing!!
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