nopCommerce conferences attendees impressions

nopCommerce conferences attendees impressions

Dear users! We are very excited, just in 3 months we will meet at the big eCommerce event, our third conference, nopCommerce Days 2017. This year the conference will be held in New York, The USA in November. There will be 2 days full of thrilling developers talks, case studies from nopCommerce store managers, networking and having fun. All the things are arranged, and we can’t wait to pack our bags and going to the airport.

This year there is going to be around 200 guests and speakers at the conference. Many of those who have already booked tickets to nopCommerce Days 2017 had visited two previous conferences as well and we decided to ask them what they love the most about nopCommerce Days and what they expect from this event.

Out of all the things I love about nopCommerce Days, my favorite thing is seeing developers and solution partners get the opportunity to present their ideas and work to others. This kind of platform is a great way to get feedback on their work from people who have never seen it before and may provide new insight. I really like attending this conference also because it provides an opportunity for me to gain a new perspective on ways to use nopCommerce and see what others who use this software on a daily basis are doing with it. I enjoy hearing new tips and find it helpful to brainstorm my current ideas with others who have significant experience and expertise that is different than my own. My biggest expectations for nopCommerce Days is to see where nopCommerce is going in the future because I have been working with nopCommerce and been a part of the nopCommerce community since last 7+ years and really want this product to succeed.
By Lavish Kumar
Striving Programmers
I am looking forward to attending nopCommerce Days 2017 to learn all the new features and capabilities that nopCommerce will have in ASP.NET Core and the advantages that this platform will bring. It is also a great chance to meet other members of the Nop community to discuss our mutual interests and to find out partnering opportunities.
By Aman Sood
We attended the previous two events and we are certainly looking forward to this year's nopCommerce Days. The conference is a great opportunity to meet the nopCommerce community, to exchange ideas, to find partners and new business prospects. The networking part of the event is particularly strong and definitely one of the things that make the conference worth attending. If you are looking to expand your nopCommerce business and form new partnerships, nopCommerce Days is a unique opportunity for you to do so.
We are going to nopCommerce Days 2017 because we want meet nopCommerce partners and as nop4you reach as many customers and partners as possible. It's not known from today that conferences are one of the best ways to start cooperation. In this year, as a developer, I'm most looking forward to topics related to ASP.NET Core. We look forward to meeting interesting people with whom we will be able to do great things in the future for nopCommerce.
By Krzysztof Pajak
We would like to attend nopCommerce days 2017 in order to meet other experts, learn about latest trends and find business opportunities. We also think it is possible to find new customers. Finally, we want to meet in person the people who build and maintain NopCommerce and acquire more information about the product itself and their vision about the product. We are going to learn about best practices regarding some of the most pressing challenges and bring this information back to our development team.
Nikolaos Kantzelis
nopCommerce days - is a great opportunity to meet store owners, plugin developers and, of course, nopCommerce team! All speakers have great experience and they kindly share it. But the key point is networking during coffee-breaks and cocktail. I believe you will have a lot of fun. See you in NY!
Roman Shuvalov


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8/23/2017 5:39 AM
Will there be a live stream or youtube video later? Thanks :)